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A very talented indie artist. Her tracks are mostly eltro-pop rap. But don't let the genre distract you, she is a straight G!
Erica: "Did you listen to Johnny boy's new song?"

Jesse: "No. I was online searching for Dev's "Booty Bounce". She so gansta!"

Erica: "Word!"
by MsAnimaniac August 23, 2010

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(Euphemism for "Hood Rat")

A language love child of internet slang and possibly l33t 5p34k. It's an almost unreadable mix and match of lowercase letters, numbers, and opinionated acronyms, which are often beyond morally and grammatically incorrect. It's commonly used to make ignorant points during internet arguments via Facebook and/or Twitter.
(IM in "Urban Rodent" VS. English)

Shaye ****:

u is hatin on h3r picx u gon pic her worse pic to show an she got otha sexy pics u is wron an datz my gurl so i no sh3 pretty plz take tha pic down an show thm that she now how 2 ware makeup an that cyber buslly

Foolishness & Fuckery:

Girl, I'm so damn offended by your improper grammar and failure to use simple & complete sentences....I'm so done with this conversation..step your English game up....
by MsAniManiac July 18, 2012

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