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A beer which, upon consumption, gives the consumer the ability to score twice in one night.

Tastes like victory and Timbers' tears.
"Hey Mary, want to get some Deuce Juice tonight before the party?"
"Yeah Vinny, I heard it helps you score twice in one night!"

Looking back on the last 90 minutes, Liz started to realize her scoring ability with Deuce Juice.
by E2E November 09, 2017
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Another word for diarrhea. It is a hilarious way to lighten the terribly serious situation at hand.
Yo I dropped some mad deuce juice in the toilet and didn't flush, and then my brother went to roll in the bathroom and almost fuggin' fainted!
by z3d. June 29, 2005
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Deuce Juice is the toilet water that splashes up and hits you after a large forceful crap. Some also refer to their very watery diarrhea as deuce juice - think shit piss.
Walker started to spit uncontrollably after he dropped a monster grumpy and the deuce juice splashed up between his legs and hit his lips.
by Walker A July 09, 2012
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When you’re jerking off while you’re taking a shit and you bust a nut as the turd is half out.
Duuude I finally did it ! I Deuce Juiced ! Didnit at the right time!
by Tunaman801 February 20, 2018
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