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A Challenge Where A man must not ejaculate aka bust a nut for the whole month of November
nibba : did you fail no nut november?
nibba : hell nah i aint fail no nut november im saving this nut for my girl on destroy dick december
by DjDorian1 November 19, 2017

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Nend Sudes is A way of saying Send Nudes But The First letters are interchanged

Send Nudes
Nend Sudes
Nend Sudes
(receives nudes)
by DjDorian1 October 17, 2017

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Destroy dick December Is the time of year when you must nut once December 1st nut twice December 2nd all the way up to December 31st when you nut 31 Times in one day.
bruh you ready for destroy dick december?
Hell Yeah
by DjDorian1 November 19, 2017

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A Search Engine That Doesn't bullshit you with selling your cookies and private information to advertisers (main reason you get ads from stuff you may be interested in but dont want ) and the government like google does . it actually has no ads and is customizable
person 1 : Google Selling My Cookies to Advertisers .
person 2 use Duck Duck Go"the search engine that doesn't track you
by DjDorian1 January 04, 2017

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a phrase usually said by parents as an excuse for hypocrisy.
mother : sweetie its time for you to go to bed give me your phone
15yr old : how come you get to be on your phone all day
mother : because im an adult
by DjDorian1 November 06, 2017

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A File Sharing Service That Started in 2006

Typically Used by Inexperienced dj's

Used by people as a way to upload their files anonymously and quick
Dj : i dont have enough music for the concert tonight

Other Dj : just search for some one zippyshare
by DjDorian1 December 09, 2017

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