Instead of guys not being able to nut all month they have to nut}all month
by Beccaray November 2, 2019
Nut November is the opposite to 'No Nut November', in which your task is to nut every day of November. It doesn't matter how, or what time in November, but it has to be at least once a day. Scientists say that if you complete 'It November' successfully, you will have the power of 'Many Bitches and Hoes', a well sort after power by many.
My friend: 'Hey are you participating in No Nut November?
Me: Nah man that some pussy shit, I'm doing But November, want to join in bro? We can do today's together.
My friend: Sure, but only if we say no homo

Me: Yeah sure bro, as Jesus once said 'Bros of a nut, get hella sluts'
My friend: Yeah man
Me: Yeah man
by xX_I_Aint_Gay_Bro_It_A_Faze_Xx November 1, 2019
No Nut November, or NNN, Is where for the whole month of November guys won’t jack off because other guys aren’t jacking off. This is a challenge to show true manliness
Honcho: “Hey mike, have you failed No Nut November yet”?
Mike: “yes.”
Honcho: “what a pussy.”
by Mike hanchooooo November 7, 2019
A Challenge Where A man must not ejaculate aka bust a nut for the whole month of November
nibba : did you fail no nut november?
nibba : hell nah i aint fail no nut november im saving this nut for my girl on destroy dick december
by DjDorian1 November 20, 2017
When you can't eat cashews, almonds, or even legumes for the entire month of November
Nope, no pecans for you -- it's No-Nut November!
by America Lover 🇺🇸 December 3, 2018
Worst month of the year for males, can't bust a fat one for the entire month,

In a short term : HELL
"Did you hear that Jimmy lost no nut november"
"bet hes a virgin"
by Sad Vibxz November 4, 2019
Nut allergy awareness month. Go an entire month without having nuts! Includes walnut, peanuts, pistachios, etc. Feel the pain of people who can't enjoy pecan pie on Thanksgiving or their grandma's banana nut loaf during their cousin's baby shower.
Friend 1: Wanna try some some of my trail mix?
Friend 2: No thanks, it's No Nut November.
by unikittyhearts December 2, 2018