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also known as a shiroi. He is a pokemans with the power to use scary face and it is always super effective! He is simultaneously the one and only existing human that is also an element. He is a noble gas with the atomic number of 938743897837147391. When he walks into a room the earth explodes into smiley faces.
Derris used scary face. It was super effective!

I can't find Derris on my periodic table.
Derris just made the world explode by walking into the room.
by Trajedie September 08, 2010
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DERRI IS A SLAG!! BEWARE!! she comes from slagtown, accompanied by her other guffy friends, she will try her hardest to steal yo man!! Stay clear from Derri’s!!
“ew, that’s derri over there, getting fingered by yo man!!”
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by fuckyou123fuckyou123 February 01, 2019
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Derri Digs A Dead Person Up And Dead Person An Puts The Dead Persons Clit In Her Mouth To Collect The Juices From It
by JJ2468 December 28, 2008
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A Danish slang word for weed or hash
Jeg elsker derri (i love derri) (i love weed)
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by Derrimesteren October 23, 2017
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Derri is a wonderful girl with fine taste in cheeses. She walks as if she’s owns the place and she’s liked by all. If you know a Derri, keep her while you can because she’s high demand
“Who Derri? Ah youre a lucky one she’s amazing.”
by D3RRI September 15, 2018
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