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also known as a shiroi. He is a pokemans with the power to use scary face and it is always super effective! He is simultaneously the one and only existing human that is also an element. He is a noble gas with the atomic number of 938743897837147391. When he walks into a room the earth explodes into smiley faces.
Derris used scary face. It was super effective!

I can't find Derris on my periodic table.
Derris just made the world explode by walking into the room.
by Trajedie September 08, 2010
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Derri Digs A Dead Person Up And Dead Person An Puts The Dead Persons Clit In Her Mouth To Collect The Juices From It
by JJ2468 December 28, 2008
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A Danish slang word for weed or hash
Jeg elsker derri (i love derri) (i love weed)
via giphy
by Derrimesteren October 23, 2017
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Derri is a wonderful girl with fine taste in cheeses. She walks as if she’s owns the place and she’s liked by all. If you know a Derri, keep her while you can because she’s high demand
“Who Derri? Ah youre a lucky one she’s amazing.”
by D3RRI September 15, 2018
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