john:"u going to that party i heard they got strippers"
james:"oh fs"
by gayfortacos November 15, 2016
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Fucks Sake. Colloqiual (usually Eastern Scottish) internet acronym. Almost identical to wordffs/word but lazier.
fs, those bastards at amazon havent shipped my album yet.
by wadie May 15, 2003
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WTFS? I stepped on a piece of bitch shit!!!!!111
by benhpark December 15, 2007
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Short for "Fat Slut" - girls who are obese and still wear tight, revealing clothes in attempts to get sweet hooks.

From the same semantic field as "ys" (young slut).
"Far out why are all parties nowadays filled with fs."
by Drylinerrr October 31, 2011
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