a fantastic place in the north of ireland. not to be confused with londonderry as this is what the huns call derry in everyday speech. also known as the maiden city. it was known as derry when saint columba founded his monastery there in 5AD. the gaelic name for derry is doire which translates as 'oak grove'.
derry city are magic!!
by boo hoo September 24, 2006
One time, when I was stoned,I figured out that if you type "sweet" with your fingers set one key to the right, you type "derry."
fs,m. yjrdr nrsyd str derry.
by Daren Ebacher November 26, 2004
fondly called the "maiden city" its the north of irelands second city. the people are nice enough, well the ones that matter anyway. some nasty people live there as well see the apprentice boys. its got a good gaelic football side.being from derry is the closest thing to being a culchie without leaving the city.
hey enda,hey you derry boy!, wud ye put down that fackin sheep
by da original playa June 2, 2006
a harcore town were we keep it gully
Damn those shoes are derry
by dar- ree October 22, 2003
a town located in new hampshire which is ghetto comenly referded to as derrytroit to the gansta locals
should i walk the streets of derry, naw nvm its too ghetto i would never just walk in derrytriot alone by myself
by parkilya October 7, 2003
Fictional City in Northern Ireland. Actually called Londonderry.
I looked up 'derry' in the atlas, but it wasn't in it!!
by jonny earl October 5, 2007
A shithole in Northern Ireland (not REAL Ireland). The people are really unfriendly and the ightlife is shit, they're a bunch of lightweights.
went out in derry last night, what a let down..
by Kelly16 May 20, 2007