Deffy. Common word used in the Grimsby/Cleethorpes area and some parts of northern England. Often to describe feelings of intimidation or general odd behaviour.
“Mate you are one deffy guy you”
“Stop it mate ya deffin me out”
Deffy cunt you”
“This is proper deffy this mate”
Deffed out at Leeds fest me”
by Proper Tony November 27, 2020
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Shortened version of definitely. Often used by teens.
A: "Look at that"
B: "That's cool"
C: "Deffy"
by Sarah June 28, 2004
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Someone: Yo, you tryna watch that movie??

God Named Sebastian: Broooo, deffy bro.
by Sebchi April 02, 2020
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When weed is vapourised and smoked through a bottle of water. It is prepared by making a small hole in a 2 litre bottle of water with a tin foil lid in which the weed is held in. The hole lets water out which fills the bottle with smoke. You then block the hole and remove the tin foil lid. Give a nice shake and inhale :)
Yes lad what you saying, going for a fat deffie at vic park g
by ColneTings February 09, 2020
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definitely, totally, absolutely, with certainty (adv.)
We should deffies go to the movies later.

Note: In most situations, deffies can be substituted for totes or probs to add an extra sprinkle of awesome sauce to your sentences.

Also note that deffies is not a derogatory term for a group of multiple people with extremely poor hearing.
by Suz! :) November 09, 2010
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