hey mike, what you saying?

nothing much..watching some basketball.
by +weeze January 26, 2009
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"My brother played that game you suggested, Jagged Alliance 2, and it was really buggy."
"What you say? It's not buggy!"
by Kenthar April 30, 2004
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This phrase is used when greeting a girl you find attractive,most girls don't realise this and they get mad if you say it
Tyrone:"What you saying gyal"
Britney:"Fuck off"
by Whosaidthatshit123 November 5, 2018
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what you saying?
translated to "hi how are you?"

A greeting used by the un-intalectual ones amungst us.
by Abbott1 August 21, 2006
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It means "what's up?", "I don't understand you, explain it better" or "what's happening?"
it is UK slang but is commonly used by people of all backgrounds.
by vilotack December 3, 2020
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-whats up?
-what are you doing?
what are you saying tonight?
by Jason Lau from the Gap July 15, 2003
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