founded in the sixties by some guy from orange co. California.

Where a group of nine kids get together and study for a year on a designated topic (i.e. ancient civlizations) in hope to master 10 different skill areas. Incredibly hard competition at the national level and most likely california will win.

a joke is some states, and serious business in others.

a safe haven for the incredibly nerdy or naturally brilliant.
U.S.A.D. . . . umm it was fun and i learned stuff, but best of all it looks good on my resume`.
by anon. April 20, 2005
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a scholastic competition which involves all of the following:
1) the abuse of any number of anti-sleep substances
2) epic plastic swordfight
3) a 500 ton binder that won't ever be used for anything besides dropping it on the floor to annoy the superintendent on the first floor
4) a super-action-packed event called the super quiz, during which the honors students sit and laugh at the varsity students, followed by an intense jousting match
5) giving an interview and speech to a panel of three old, stoic and unfailingly unsatisfied judges
6) a vast amount of unattractive people

or, 7) a term used to describe anyone with large bags under their eyes, a vast amount of bruising or dry erase marker all over their hands
1) freshman year I used coffee to study lewis and clark, but i've found that anatomy and physiology requires crystal meth
2) did you see those freaks upstairs in plastic armor? the acadorks ought to be dragged out in the street and shot.
3) why does she have trouble walking into school on mondays and thursdays?
4) did you see that stupid kid who just got 0/5?! please, i got at least one.
5) my speech judge tried to hold up her "30 seconds remaining sign" but she was arthritic and so i continued on for five more minutes and got a 80.
6) hey, he's not bad looking... for an acadork.
7) that bitch in my ap lang and comp class? she makes no sense, she's so academic decathlon in the morning.
by misspandora October 21, 2005
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a team of 9 nerds who have decided that they can't seem to get enough of school, so they stay a while longer and train to be "decathletes." smart teams win county, and possibly state (unless you're in cali, when you'll work your ass off sept-feb, win county, and get your brain handed to you on a silver platter by Moorpark/ECR/Granada)
1. Do you have any free time?
-no, i am on academic decathlon

2. How was the formal?
-for decathlon?
by Jake January 26, 2005
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Intellectual challenge whereby contestants:
1. Swim the English Channel while spelling all the words in the Oxford dictionary that start with the letter "E"
2. Rid a bicycle while reciting Ophelia's role from "Hamlet"
3. Run six miles wearing a graduation cap with tassel while singing old college drinking songs.
Winner gets to become a member of the Supreme Court.
I wonder if the Academic Decathalon will provide us with a conservative or a liberal?
by Not-gonna-tellya April 22, 2005
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THE premier scholastic competition for AWESOME SMART PEOPLE!
Academic Decathlon is so cool. I won lots of medals.
by Keith's Numba One Fan September 5, 2004
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Franklin Decathlon is one of the of the many competing schools in the L.A district that competes in a variety of 10 subjects and absolutely kicks ass in every one of them.

Located in Highland Park, the Franklin Decathlon team has began such craze in the high school that they are now referred to as "DA SHIT" even though they prefer the students bow down to their intellectual badassery instead.

In 2010, the team made it to the first time in school history to the State Competition in Sacramento and though they finished 27th place and did not win, they assure everyone, "you can't have your cake and eat it too".

Franklin Decathlon is the most dedicated team to ever come out Franklin High School and will continue to be a legacy for years to come.
Franklin Decathlon aren't a bunch of nerds! We're just intellectually badass!
by badassery August 16, 2010
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(AD for short) a club in which you study your ass of to prove who knows the most useless information than who and also to determine who has the most prowess.
Who has the most prowess in your AD team.
by Max Kansas April 5, 2005
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