Popular Brit affirmation - a form of no-bullshit total agreement.
"That fart stinks! Were you out on the beer and curry last night, mate?'
"Dead Right, mate"
by Satandog March 28, 2006
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A term for motorcyclists who are killed because they put themselves in a dangerous situation even though they were legally not at fault/in the right. Used in the argument between victim blaming and defensive driving.
That guy ended up dead right. He was driving in that cars blind spot and they merged into him.
by Defining Lightly April 20, 2016
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When you know your wife is wrong and you're right and you argue your point and win. But did you really win?
Friend: "Hey, you look tired today. What's up?"
Me: "Wife was wrong about something and we argued about it. I won."
Friend: "Why's that got you lookin' so rough?"
Me: "I was Dead Right and slept on the couch."
by unclvito November 30, 2017
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someone who has made a statement or expressed their opinion which others believe to be true and correct can be seen as serious or sarcastic
vicki: jaysus his t.v show is shite!!
emma: you're dead right!!!
by emmaleahy August 17, 2007
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To be caught red-handed, in the very act of committing a crime or error. It implies that there is no possible way for a person to explain away their mistake or crime.
We've got the Congressman dead to rights on accepting bribes, there's no excuse he can make.
by julatten October 7, 2004
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with no possibility of escape or evasion
They caught him dead to rights when he broke in at night.
by The Return of Light Joker October 15, 2009
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Calling someone out for something
"John got Aaron dead to rights on Rhonda being chunky"
by Josephine H September 25, 2003
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