A man with huugeeeeeeeeeee and i mean colossal butt hair

aT least he's way cooler than Mobin

and more handsome
person1: David King has huge butt hair
person2: yeah but that's the only bad thing about him Mobin is much worse
person3: have you seen Mobins man boobs?
by boboisgud June 23, 2021
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Mrs. Miller is the goofiest teacher, On King David!
by Ara665 September 7, 2022
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An iconic figure from the Old Testament. He was one of the most powerful warriors and kings in history. As a boy he slayed Goliath. Later in life he killed 200 Philistines in order to marry the daughter of Saul. His only reprieve from his life of warfare were the many beautiful women that he loved.
King David was a renouned warrior and lover. On the battle field he slayed Goliath and with him tens of thousands of Canaanites. In the bedroom, he ravished gorgeous princesses the most beautiful of which was Bathsheba.
by BeastBellet November 7, 2018
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Mrs. Miller is the coolest teacher, On King David!
by Ara665 September 7, 2022
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the ultimate definition of perfection. he is loving, caring, resilient, inspiring and just truly amazing. he is always looking out for everyone around him and goes out of his way to make sure they are okay. he knows how to brighten my day and make anyone happy. he has a bright, bright future ahead of him. anyone who has king david in their life is very, very lucky to have met such a cute and beautiful person.
king david is my amazing bsf <3
by shinyrockkk February 22, 2021
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Darren loves king-daviding in the bathroom after talking to his girlfriend,Jenn, and can never find tissues to wipe up his sperm.
by Earnest Graham July 28, 2008
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a school for posh nittys. the teachers do shit all and only come in for the pay check. the only school in the uk where u can get out of detentions by paying and it’s acceptable to know everything about your teachers lives. all the girls are wannabe tiktokers, sound like whiny fake londoners. while the boys are wannabe roadmen, smell like piss and bud and send nudes to every girl on their snap. the shed is the favourite spot for most of the students where anything goes.
kdhs may be inadequate but the noncey teachers are very adequate if you want all 9s to impress big tracy, daddy levy and the bigman .
boy: did u hear that annoying sound?

other boy: it’s a girl from king david high school

boy: we better dip
by urlocalnitty January 23, 2020
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