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To lust after someone's wife. This happens to everyone. Bathsheba looked so hot to David.

The sacred record informs us that David’s association with Bathsheba was the only stain upon the escutcheon of David. . While God freely pardons a sinner, often the effects of committed sin remain. The tragic lapse in the life of the man after God’s own heart is built up with consummate art, from David’s first sight of Bathsheba to the climax of his unutterable remorse when realizing the enormity of his most grievous sin, he flung himself upon the mercy of God.The Israelites were at war with the Ammonites, and the king who had shown himself brave and victorious in battle should have been with his army.
A beautiful woman, Bathsheba was seduced by David and became pregnant
by ChristianQueen June 13, 2018
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A name from J.K Rowling's 800 word Prequel, along with Wilberforce, and of course the unisex name, Elvendork.
"Names?" repeated the long-haired driver. "Er – well, let’s see. There’s WilberforceBathshebaElvendork…"
by Headache January 31, 2014
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