A very polite young man. Goliath's are often very well muscled but do not use that strength for fighting unless absolutely necessary. Goliath's are respective of woman and often considered the perfect gentleman, although the long hair is sometimes misleading. Likes Alexandra's.
Wow, that guys strong.
Yeah, he's a Goliath. He's real sweet though.
by be cool dude January 19, 2009
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*A term referring to something enormous in size and structure.

*A major figurehead in the Bible. He was an enormous man who was almost unstoppable.....almost, because David chucked a rock at his forehead and down went Goliath!

*A term referring to a man of enormous structure.
"Metal Gear is a Goliath-sized walking tank with big-ass weapons!"

"Arnold Schwarzenegger is not Goliath-sized....but he still rules."
by Dave October 13, 2004
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A Goliath is an abnormally large penis. It usaully hangs on beings with lucious black locks and jew curls who are ripped.
Getting turkey slapped by a big Goliath,
Bill: Did you see Firms turkeyslap that motherfucker?
Renkin: Yeah that firms has got a massive goliath on him. one of the biggest i've seen...
by Firmchops November 14, 2009
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A girl on a cruise from Minnesota with huge boobs... and loves to flaunt it.
Look at Goliath over there showing off her boobies, but I wonder who gets to play with them?
by ChupacabraOmega March 23, 2009
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9 foot ogre soul, actual body size ranging from mini me to average human is a possibility for Goliath, its as likely if not more likely than the story about a 7 foot Russian basketball player taunting some 14 year old kid who's gonna cut his head off for it.
Didn't the short guy who flipped you off seem more like Goliath in behavior than the guy from the Guinness Book of World Records?
by Solid Mantis October 2, 2019
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An absolute dick wad that was taken down with a sling shot.
In that fight Charlie turned into Goliath XD
by R E A L S H I T December 5, 2017
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Goliath derives from the nickname given to David for his unknown sized penis by his bomb ass friends who hit up White Castle cuz itz da shit. Only known surviving witness is a young carbon based female who goes by the name Jenny, not the Criag. David is a Hollister fanatic who on occasion wears cub jersys reading "Fuk-u-do-me" Legend has it, his pimp ass bifocals have the ability to turn him gay at will. We understand this because of his famous quote, "If ur hot im single, but if ur ugly then im gay!" Some question if his gayness is permanant due to the fact he is always hitting on his sexy ass friends, especially Bruzr. Sadly, David is unaware of his infatuation and unrequitted love for the one named Jenny, once again not the Craig.
David: So you ready for round 2 Goliath

Goliath: I should call the police for the way you beat me!

*Police* (knocking on door): Open the door Goliath! We know ur in there.

Goliath: Youll never catch me alive damn coppers! Im hangin with my bomb ass freinds, Bruzr n Titanic, theyre owning me in smash bros right now! (Borat voice)"I Like"

Jenny: Get em, he put me in a wheelchair and didnt even call. (What a pimp)
by Playa_Co June 17, 2008
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