it's pretty self explainitory...
it's like a blanket for your anus
by Emily Weaver May 8, 2005
an asshair that gets pulled by underwear.
i think its time to wax, i just felt a twingle butt hair.
by da trick biatch November 26, 2005
When hair from around the Anus connects between the butt cheeks, therefore manufacturing a so-called bridge. Sitting down or scratching the Anus, usually destroys the bridge.
Thought I got bite by an ant or something, turns out another Butt Hair Bridge(BHB)was being constructed.
by Reverse Learn April 27, 2009
Silcy and freshhh

And how it's nice the the bottom of sonic.
The in side of his bottom that's hairy and very much delicious. You see that hair on sonics bottom its sonic's butt hair
by Ur yummy mommy March 6, 2022
the symphony of butt hairs when releasing a massive fart.
"my butt hair harmony is on a different level if you know what I mean."
by fartbootypenis April 29, 2021