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A Main Hoe is the main girl you would do something for. It can be caring about her and knowing she's got your back too or sticking up for her when something bad happens.
You're there for your main hoe until the end.
Bob: "Hey Jim, who is your main hoe?"
Jim: "Lola is my main hoe. I'd do anything for that girl."
by Mario&Luigi March 09, 2014
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A mans primary woman. This is the girl he is willing to actually stand up for and is different from his bitchalong.
If anyone tries to put any moves on my main hoe then it's ownage time.
by ownagetime March 18, 2008
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Erin Holman is my main hoe not pedro would never cheat on and also puts spray tan on ya that makes it look like your severely sun burnt
by legeet dude 4 life May 18, 2018
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