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A name that is almost always mistaken for another spelling. Darrel is often mispelled as "Darrell", "DaRel", "Daryl",
"Darryl", "Darel", "Darryll", etc. People who have been bestowed with this name are often prone to being majorly pissed off at this constant misunderstanding.
"Hey Darrell! How are you?"

by DaRealMan February 21, 2009
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A name more often given to a girl... Unfortunately it is also given to a boy more than it should be... Although there are a few famous men who've been given this name.

Marion Jones - American athlete

Marion Robert Morrison (better known as John Wayne) - American actor

Marion Michael Rounds - former governor of South Dakota

Marion Motley - Hall of Fame American Football Player

Francis Marion - "The Swamp Fox" guerilla warfare general of the American Revolution

Shawn Marion - American Basketball Player

Jean-Luc Marion - French Philosopher

"Haha! Marion is a girl's name!"

"Oh yeah?"


"Without Francis Marion's brilliant guerilla warfare tactics during the American Revolution, we might all have been BRITISH!"

by DaRealMan February 21, 2009
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A named derived from the country of Israel. Often, women with this name carry many of the characteristics of Israel. This may include stubborn, aggressive, spontaneous, holds a grudge for a thosand years or so, but will aways be loyal and look out for people who look out for her.
"Israela just kicked my ass cuz i made fun of her friend..."

"Woah Israela and Irania are totally about to get in a fight..."
by DaRealMan February 21, 2009
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latchet is a word that can be used to define or describe anything that is a compartment or can be used for storage... so it pretty much can mean just about anything...
Here put my glasses in the latchet.

Dude I just got done screwing a chick in her latchet.
by DaRealMan June 30, 2009
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A woman who is great to look at, but dangerous to get close too.
"She's hot! Too bad she's a jellyfish... That girl is crazy as hell, she'll stab you during foreplay..."
by DaRealMan March 12, 2013
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in archaic english was once three words "see" "you" "later" and "man" seperated with pauses between the words. Soon the practice of speaking slowly became obsolete, thus the words once used to say goodbye, including "goodbye" itself, were replaced by the newly consolidated "cyalataman"
"Well, cyalataman!"
by DaRealMan February 21, 2009
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