Darrell is a real one. He’s ma nigga and a true g. Darrell always knows what’s up and will tell it how it is. Never disrespect Darrell or he’ll rough your shit up. Darrell is a badass mutha fucka.
Have y’all met Darrell? He’s a real one
by ASDFFDSA12344321 May 4, 2021
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Darrells are kind and sweet hearted. They love the word love and if you are theirs they don't want to ever lose you. Darrells make it seem like they need someone just to live and that's not always a bad thing. Darrells make a great husband & a hard working man that wants whatever you want and need. Darrells make sure you are okay before they are. And he is the sexiest man in the world. That knows how to please a woman. Body is so perfect and his eyes are so beautiful hair so curly. they are faithful and loyal beyond words they won't let anyone else catch their eyes but you.
Best friend : thats your boyfriend Darrell right?

Me : yea that's him.

Bf : I wish i had a Darrell

Me : don't we all darrell is just so damn perfect
by QueenSized January 8, 2016
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Cool guy will never be a simp but will moon walk on that beat is always loud and screaming
Guy 1: Is that Darrell over there
Guy 2: Yh i hear him screaming

Both : Classic Darrell
by Coolwimmer1998 March 17, 2020
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One of the nicest guys I've ever met, he makes me act like myself and I treasure him so much... :3
I love you, Darrell~
Darrell is amazing *o*
by (´・ω・`) October 21, 2012
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Darrell is probably a social experiment; known for his phone getting seized and not having snap atm but wanting your number anyways for his trapper phone
Darrell, aka d1, is 100% a propa trapper ye know
by 1d Active March 25, 2023
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1. Man whore of epic proportions. Will screw any woman with two legs.

2. A description of a certain part of the male anatomy.
girl #1: Did you see the size of that Darrell in his pants?
girl #2: I would like to ride that Darrell until he screams!
girl#1: I just love a big Darrell.
girl#2: Yep, the size of the Darrell matters!
by A big D August 10, 2008
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To re-heat a hot beverage.
I Darrelled my coffee instead of making another pot.
by 23Lexicon January 12, 2013
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