A Warning that comes too late.
Chester Qualsneck was upset to find out shortly after drinking his 5 hour energy that the bottle had been lying in a birdbath, utterly forgotten for the last year and a half. His outburst of anger toward his laughing "friends" indicated that he would have much preferred a warning rather than the loathsome darning.
by Furious_George July 14, 2011
When you get really mad and you’re a good christian so you don’t want to have profane language.
(Someone steals yo girl) “Oh Darn Darn! I hope no one steals my girl again!”
by ilovenumbers161772 May 27, 2018
A commonly used substitute for 'Damn,' in craptacular American animated series.
*A giant flaming comet speeds towards the archvillian of some cartoon, obviously going to kill or severly injure him*
Villian: Oh Darn It!
by Personmann October 14, 2005
What someone says if they're afraid to say damn
Guy afraid to say damn: DARN IT!
Other guy: What?
Guy afraid to say damn: Another darn PHP error
Other guy: It's okay to say damn...
by Dimitri Shostakovich April 15, 2007
whilst darning my socks i darn well pricked my finger
by Anonymous August 22, 2003
A way for 'religious types' to say damn without offending others of their ilk.

More importantly, its a way of releasing anger when something happens, but unlike the originator - "Damn", it doesnt roll off the tongue so easily and would appear to repress the repressed 'religious types' even moreso than if they had gone all out and said the word "Damn"
Darn it, I just killed my wife and two children crashing into a tree. I'm such a Darn fool! I'll be damned to hell, DARN it!
by Liquid K9 December 7, 2004