Formally 'death metal' currently true norweigan black metal formed 1986 in Kolbotn by Gylve 'Fenriz' Nagell and Ted 'Nocturno Culto' Skjellum. Darkthrone are very respected in BM circles are are seen as pivitol in the musical development of the genre, solidifing and the second generation sound. The band plays *very* misanthropic, *very* dark and 'evil' music that is often very fast paced and disturbing to most. Lyrics focus on hatred, death and 'Satan' though remaining mature and focused.
'Yes, Albaze in the Northern Sky, Under a Funeral Moon and Transilvanian Hunger are Darkthrones best works, but Sardonic Wrath kicks too!'
by amy-jay October 11, 2004
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Simply one of the best black metal bands with a dark theme, and songs about death, Satan and hatred
Darkthrone is the tits
by Rotten Turkey July 23, 2023
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The result of furiously masturbating while sitting on your bosses chair at work...all while excreting the kind of shits only possible by mixing Pepto-Bismol and Ex-Lax
My boss made me work late for the last two weeks. That bullshit just earned him a Darkthrone.
by konamicode November 5, 2010
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A form of black metal that demands respect because of its amazing ability to hold a fan base without doing anything original or even interesting.
man, compared to every other blackmetal project, that darkthrone sure hasnt developed since they began, i really thought they would have stopped riding on the coat-tails of others by now
by someone who is bored March 25, 2005
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An internet text game ( in which users waste away their lives clicking buttons and talking about clicking on buttons.

Highly addictive!
Pete: You weren't at my party last night Dave.
Dave: I was on DarkThrone.
by Ash January 23, 2005
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To stroll, or hike, often with one or more companions, through any environment in order to observe the surroundings, discuss things of import to the participants and, just as importantly, to decompress from the stresses of daily existence, usually the soul-crushing banality that is the workplace.
Sure, we could get some Chinese, but let's go darkthroning instead, then we'll get Chinese, who cares if we're late in returning.
by The Other Randal Graves February 8, 2012
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