Slapping palms as a form of greeting a friend and then holding their hand as you pull your fingers back until it makes a snapping sound.
by Cluqueto January 22, 2015
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To hand shake a friend with a specific form that connects your friendship
I dap up with the homies
by uwuaca February 11, 2022
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How many dicks do I have to slap until they rename it a dap
Luke- I wanna dap up my homies
by Ratchetcumsock69 April 14, 2020
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Def: Bounce (skim, skip).
Like a stone skipping across the water

Like, when an NHL player scores a goal, and he skates along side the players' bench his gloved fist bumps off all his teammates' gloves, that's a DAP.
by juandfuca April 17, 2012
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The art of enjoying drinks and appetizers with friends.
I'd rather dap than have a full meal before a night out.
by Sweet Trince January 17, 2012
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The act of taking a nap after consuming too many dabs (BHO Wax/Shatter, Concentrates)
After three dabs, Johnny and Bonnie fell asleep on the couch for 2 hours. They felt refreshed after their dap.
by daboet April 3, 2015
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Dap, someone who is full of shit, sends pictures of airsoft toys claiming they're real guns, pretends to be a commander for UKs SAS, makes up stories about dead friends, claims to have been in repeated firefights, pretends to have PTSD, blocks people when confronted, pretends his social media is fake, overall a real piece of shit kinda lad.
You see that guy over there saying bullshit? He's a real dap.
by Trappy/0x12b January 14, 2020
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