Acronym: Dogged A Prostitute

to acquire the services of a prostitute, introduce her to mind-altering chemicals then letting your canine buddy have a crack at her.
"damn man, there's that strung out sterno whore i dap'd last night. my black lab otis and a couple sniffs of ether and she'll never be the same."
by stu in the zoo January 18, 2007
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Desi American Princess. Similar to a JAP, but from India/Pakistan.
by aaaaggg September 05, 2008
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daps stands for digitally accentuated pounding system. The system was invented in the 1960's for greetings where two people fist bump in a variety of individual styles and manners.
Yo shawty gimme some daps (complicated greeting ensues).
by TDiddle April 16, 2009
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noun | love, props, or a salutation

verb | to greet someone, to hang out together
Hey brotha, give some dap.

Yo, I was just dappin wit my homiez
by tommy da cat October 21, 2002
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Def: Bounce (skim, skip).
Like a stone skipping across the water

Like, when an NHL player scores a goal, and he skates along side the players' bench his gloved fist bumps off all his teammates' gloves, that's a DAP.
by juandfuca April 17, 2012
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