noun | love, props, or a salutation

verb | to greet someone, to hang out together
Hey brotha, give some dap.

Yo, I was just dappin wit my homiez
by tommy da cat October 21, 2002
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Def: Bounce (skim, skip).
Like a stone skipping across the water

Like, when an NHL player scores a goal, and he skates along side the players' bench his gloved fist bumps off all his teammates' gloves, that's a DAP.
by juandfuca April 17, 2012
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a type of handshake used to determine someone's street smarts. if they don't dap you up they won't roll you up either
Did you see that John didn't dap me up?
yeah he's weird for sure
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by falcon4100 June 25, 2020
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(Verb) Dab-Slap

The act of bitch slapping someone while making the dabbing motion.
1- "Shit, he's such a badass he slapped that fool unconscious while doing the dab!"

2- "Ben thought he would talk some mad shit but, ole dude just dapped the shit out of him."
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by nukima11 January 04, 2018
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Person 1: How was it yesterday night?
Person 2: Bad, she had a DAP.
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by Treebaker111 August 27, 2020
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Direct Anal Punch, or D.A.P, is the action of directly punching someone in the ass, making contact with the Anus.
"How did the fight go?"

"Good, I D.A.P'ed that bitch, won't be able to shit for a week."
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by MacADelliot April 07, 2016
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