Old fashioned running shoe, plimsol, pump.
Derived from an advertisment for Dunlop Athletic Plimsols' but now a common term for sports shoes and trainers in parts of England and Wales.
Teacher to class: "get your daps on" (hurry up).
Also, 'diahorrea' is shit with daps on....
by MoLincs September 20, 2009
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The act of taking a nap after consuming too many dabs (BHO Wax/Shatter, Concentrates)
After three dabs, Johnny and Bonnie fell asleep on the couch for 2 hours. They felt refreshed after their dap.
by daboet April 02, 2015
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Dry Angry Pussy Syndrome is a common condition women get when their partner has done something to hurt or upset them. This could range from forgetting to tell them they look beautiful when they get dolled up to not answering their texts within seconds when they reach out to you. DAPS can come on at any moment and it can last minutes to hours to months. It all depends on the severity of the infraction.
Friend 1 - Hey Man. You want to go catch the game tonight and have a couple of pints.
Friend 2 - I can't man. Sheena has a case of the D.A.P.S and it's making me as miserable as her.
Friend 1 - Good luck with that. Those D.A.P.S can be a Mofo!!
by Big Daddy Clambake May 09, 2018
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A saying used to express blatant disbelief. Used in a similar fashion as the term "Yeah right."
Williard: "Yeah, I jumped a 50 foot gap on my dirt bike yesterday, it was awesome.
Matt: DAP!!!
by Matthew J. Pumperton January 07, 2008
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An acronym for "dry anal powerslam", which is rough anal sex with no lubrication used.
I DAP'd this chick last night and now we're both raw as hell.
by Mr. Hack'em July 23, 2005
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