Ouh is usually used when you see, hear, smell, taste, or feel something you like it's the sound you make when you're enjoying something. Ouh can also be used as a replacement for, "yikes".
She smelt her mother baking pie and said "ouh"
The email wasn't sent on time ouh oh..
by Blueclaws June 18, 2016
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The reaction sound a person may make when the person they're talking to says something crazy, funny as hell, and sinister, but fell like you can't fully laugh
"I banged your mom with your dad watching. He joined in, as well as the dog." Jason says.

by a tablecloth April 21, 2020
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OUH is an onomatopoeia which it's played when you die in Roblox (More known as "OOF")Z.
This word is used when someone tell you something violent or when you hear someone say something violent.
Raphael : Hey Mickael, you're a son of a bitch and you don't deserve to live !
Mickael : OUH
by EagleFire May 9, 2019
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P1: Sup fellow floor gang member!
P2: Im doing good!
P1: let's express our alpha and big pp energy
by +-_-_-+ May 18, 2020
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The call of the ceiling gang. Used to express beta, small pp, and cringe energy.
P1: Hello fellow ceiling gang member.
P2: Im doing good.
P1: let's express our beta, small pp, and cringe energy.
by +-_-_-+ May 18, 2020
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a moment that makes u say the french onomatopoeia "ouh la la"
"Did u hear that rich set a fire and he burned down the house?"
"Ouh la la! Really?"
that is an example of an ouh la la moment
by mjcharp June 7, 2019
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A word that is spontaneously released as a result of severe confusion
Annie: how can we maximize our studying productivity?

Mason: I don't know, but what if I sang "line without a hook?"

Annie: ouh
by Seal_Bucket May 8, 2022
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