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You will never win an argument with Katia. She is smart, strong, and incredibly independent. You have never seen this girl cry and though she may not show it she's gone through a lot. She can make anyone smile and is extremely funny in her own quirky way. Katia is spontanious and is up for just about anything. She will keep you on your toes and make you really think. Katia asks great questions and gives the best advice. She likes to talk but not about herself. If you ever need help with anything go to Katia. She can always make you laugh but is also deep. Katia is strong willed and determined and she will absolutely not take no for an answer. Katia is very successful and everybody likes her. She would make a great wife and mother. Katia also gives the best hugs on the earth and will love you unconditionally. She is also usually very spiritual and loves God. He fills her up so much that she can't help but overflow. She is always optimistic and will always be able to make you feel better. Katia is also very modest and if you want this beautiful girl you gotta marry her!
Katia is the greatest friend in the whole world!
by thisgirlsgotitall May 19, 2012
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Katia is a sweet hearted girl. She is very cute. You would never see her cry. She is so cute that you will die for her. Katia cares about everyone but she doesn't like that many people so if she doesn't like you your out of luck. There is one kid that likes her so much he'll die for Katia. If i had option of breathing or saying i love you to her i'll say i love you in my last breath
katia is a sweet hearted girl.
by katialover September 19, 2018
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A girl who is independent and pure. Always does what she wants and is very special. People want to be her because she will change the world.
Oh my! Look what Katia has made of herself!
by gladies January 03, 2008
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A badass Russian Female who is very intimidating and is a straight savage.
"Katia is so intimidating that i pretend shes not cause im scared of her"
by treyway876 September 15, 2018
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Katia is a smart, beautiful, and intelligent girl. She isn’t afraid to tell you off, and loves big open hugs. She is a huge dog lover! And always make someone smile!!!! You would be glad to meet her..
1. Look at Katia, she’s always there when you need her the most.
by Don’tyouloveST6 February 08, 2019
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A short girl, with blonde hair who is amazingly talented. She will always put a smile on your face without even trying. Sooooo funny in such an awesome way. So beautiful it isn't even fair. The most breath-taking pair of eyes you will ever see. Gives the best hugs on the planet, guaranteed. Never ceases to amaze you in so many ways. Is very patient, and understanding. The most caring person you will ever meet. Will make you happier then you could ever dream of. Is completely worth everything you could give up, and more. You will never win in an argument against her...EVER. Very adventurous and will keep you on your toes. She will without a doubt love you with more of her heart then any other girl out there put together. You ARE the luckiest person to know her, let alone have her to call your own. Is 110% worth the drive no matter what the distance is, or how long you get to see her, every second is worth it. I love her more than you will ever know.
Tyler: Why are you shaking!?

Zachary: I was just Katia !

Tyler: ....Fag
by retrosling September 12, 2011
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one of the prettiest girls in school. gorgeous green eyes. has beatuiful best friends. NOT A SLUT. caauuuuutteeeyyy. very funny, cute and likes to laugh a lot, pretty light brown hair, not fat but not aneroxic. someone everyone wants to knowww!
oh girl, she must be a katia! i wish i was her! :(
by awesomegirl234 January 26, 2011
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