A sarcastic asshole who will ignore everyone but when shown true colours can be funny or a cunt
Daniel called me a stupid bitch

He said hi to me and walked of
by Icantread5729 May 10, 2018
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Someone who is annoying af and will follow you because he has no friends. Often hopes on the trend and thinks he's fresh. Also a very attention seeker, so if you don't talk to him, he will often punch you or just call your name until you answer him.
Don't be a Daniel
by Uaresobeautiful May 07, 2018
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A selfish hoe...

Self centered
Spoiled brat

Wants to be better than everyone else.

The type of guy as a teen to buy his Instagram followers and likes to make him feel better about himself.
Douchebag, a major douchebag..

sometimes nice, sometimes sweet.
“Did u see Daniel today ugh he’s such a fake douche
via giphy
by HEYYOUITSME! May 19, 2018
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The kind of person with nothing better to do. You can find him at his desk playing video games or arguing over the smallest things on 4chan or reddit.
Anonymous: what does /v/ think of battlefront 2?
Daniel: are you actually retarded?
Anonymous: what's wrong with it?
Daniel: lootboxes, paying for main characters, $60 price tag not even full game, everything you have to pay for, EA turning battlefront to shit.
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He is a backstabbed and he never ever likes a person he’s either mates with them for their Money, Fame or good Looks. He never likes anyone and he steals friends from a person. No one should ever like Daniel Black
Daniel Black is a Dickhead
by l3wiscass6 June 12, 2018
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