This man is fucking dumb as hell, like holy shit dude. He's kinda dummy thicc, but no one will smash because he uglyer then a bitch.
Girl ; Damn Daniel is fucking annoying, let's beat his ass.
Girl Two ; But he's kinda a thicky. We can't fuck that ass up. that's all he got going for him.
by ThickyWithASticky May 23, 2018
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Daniel is too scared to take his girlfriend to prom. He's a wussy.
by Princess Fucking Idiot November 29, 2018
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Daniel is an amazing guy with a great personality! Not exactly the flirty type but he’ll carry you on his shoulders anyday! If you ain’t got Daniel you got a problem girl! He’s Smart, funny and secretly Romantic anyone who doesn’t know one...get your ass over to one!
Friend: Don’t you and Daniel have a thing going on?
You: Yeah we do! You’d die for him! He’s the sweetest!
by MonsterPlush257 August 10, 2018
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That kind of a lad in the company who can take it up the arsehole for the team. When his dear ones are in trouble, life is not going the way it should be or you’re just having an appalling day - Daniel will be that guy who will jump right on the dick to make things right. Keep him safe and making him feel appreciated, and without a doubt he will be the one who will place his butthole on the line for you. Not only he get pleasure from it, but he also has set his priorities straight from day one and decided to never leave his friends struggling.
“Wow, I just wish Daniel would show up now and dive straight on that dick to rescue me
by Fuckthatpussyboimax November 02, 2018
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Daniel means hopeless romantic. This guy is hopeless to find love. He will never stop loving you, even if you do something stupid. He will love you will all his heart and he will never leave you. The name is very common but if you find the right Daniel you will be loved forever.
I love you Daniel. I can't explain my love for you. Maybe we cry a lot together and maybe we cut our wrist just because we think we are going to lose each other. I know it's only been three mouths knowing you but I can't explain my love and I know we can't be together right at this moment. But our love will never die. I can't explain how we feel in love. I love you baby <3
by 21 pimp and nipple September 24, 2018
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That one shortguy you know who thanks the girl after sex, then apologises.
That guy, he’s a total Daniel
by Limeislimey September 17, 2018
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