He is a backstabbed and he never ever likes a person he’s either mates with them for their Money, Fame or good Looks. He never likes anyone and he steals friends from a person. No one should ever like Daniel Black
Daniel Black is a Dickhead
by l3wiscass6 June 12, 2018
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He is rude and obnoxious. He has a small penis and is a loser. If you meet a Daniel, turn around and leave because you will regret meeting him.
Daniel is such a geek and sucks at football
by Big.bitch.0917 September 18, 2018
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A guy that has been so controlled in his past relationship(s), that he rejects the idea of being with a person that only wants to help him become more free, let him make his own decisions, pay attention to him, care for him when he needs it, and show him that he is more than a body and more than a boyfriend. This person only wants to aid him on his journey of becoming whatever it is he wants and needs to be, but he reduces her to a friends with benefits, or fuck buddy because sadly at this time, that's what best suits him. He thinks that a relationship means that he'll have to change and he'll be suffocated, when really that's what a relationship with his ex meant. He has trouble grasping that he can still be free in every way (including sexually), while still being with this person. A commitment to her does not mean changing, but keeping the situation that they're in with the dates, the sex sessions, and the nonmonogamy, while expressing their feelings (if he has them) through a declaration of relationship status (i.e. Boyfriend and girlfriend) that they can refer to each other with.
S: Is that Daniel over there?
A: yeah but girl don't get attached he's not emotionally available
S: No problem I'm not the type to get attached
*Shit goes down*
S: I should have listened to you

A: told you so
by Loveyouloveme June 27, 2018
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very annoying short English kid with short hair is used as a insult to height
your almost as short as Daniel
by Uknown12345678 September 18, 2018
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Oh shit Hamish, I think I pulled a Daniel in my own house!”
by LemonLimeLick August 19, 2018
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a very up them self person that thinks the world revolves around them. they do have a soft side but if you ever get on their bad side, you are basically gone. he is an outgoing but very different species but if you listen to him for more than a second you will realise he is a very influential cunt with no morals. probably the most extra man you will meet, he will do anything to dress to impress e.g if an invite says dress casually, he will purposefully dress as though he is attending the met gala.


he is just a fucking asshole. xx
sofia: dan look how hot that guy is over there ..... daniel: thank you
by broccli August 27, 2018
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