Daniel is the best guy any girl could meet. He's crazy, funny, caring, compassionate, loving, and a great listener. He's someone you could spill your heart out to and know he won't judge. He has a beautiful soul with a caring heart. He will never leave you're side and sing for you at any time of the night to see you smile. Cherish him.
Me: Daniel, do you love me?
Daniel: Baby, I promise to love you to the moon and back. With all my heart.
by Jackiebabyyy January 05, 2014
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A Daniel Is a lion among men! He is fearless and sensitive At the same time. He never fails to take your breath away with his charming smile, That alone is all it takes to have you butt naked on a cold night cheek prints on the hood.He knows exactly what he wants and is loyal with his choices.A Daniel loves to be the center of attention.when a Daniel makes you his, it's a never ending thrill. With a large amount of patients he can laugh bad days away.The fire that burns inside a Daniel can melt a heart,and caurterize any wound. Every woman wants him,and all men want to be like him. i'm honest enough to say a Daniel is worth every ounce of gold it feels like a lifetime when he is away
(Daniel) Does doughnuts on a road trip windows down and all turns to me and smiles suddenly everything else is so small
by loveedovedove December 19, 2014
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Daniel is the most caring person you will ever meet. He will fight for you till there's no end and he makes you feel something good inside. If you ever find someone like Daniel don't ever let him go. He is someone you can fall in love with so quickly yet so deeply, yet you're scared to tell him how you feel because you're scared you care for him more then he cares for you. He gives the best hugs and will kiss you on the cheek like no other. And if he ever leaved it would make you feel empty on the inside til he came back.
by Jessica Lotus October 06, 2011
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A Daniel is the most amazing guy you could meet. He's caring,funny,cute,sexy and very sporty! He would never let anyone hurt you. To be honest a daniel is the best person you will ever know! Put it this way,if you ever get a chance with a daniel?... Take It, Because believe me.. you will not regret it.
I Love Daniel.
by EmmaHiggins May 09, 2012
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Such a sweet boy! He's cute and sweet and he'll always be there for you, whenever you need him. He likes you, so If you like him you should tell him, soon! He's smart and funny! He wouldn't ever break your heart. He'd always be someone to go to. Don't friend zone him, he's perfect.
You: hey daniel just wrote this note, and he told me he liked me!!!

Friend: *reads* aww he's really sweet.

You: yes I know! That's why I like him too. Off to go tell him!
by Jennabella June 19, 2013
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A usually tall and extreamly thin man with a sexy butt. Daniels are incredibly sweet and caring, especially to their families. They underestimate themselves and have no idea how much of an effect they have on others. They are complety nuts, enthusiatic about everything and totally not afraid to be themsevles in all their glorious weirdness. Daniels have innocent minds and often won't get dirty jokes right away. Girls love them but they often don't realise.

Special talents of Daniels often include: Music, Animal Impressions, Making up silly songs, Video games and Mad Dancing.

Their only weakness is their sides where if jabbed will render them incapacitated.
Girl 1: That guy is so sweet, mad dancing with his sister.
Girl 2: Yea, everyone loves a Daniel.
by That's Lovely September 27, 2012
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Daniel is one of a kind dreamer that will make an instant impression on you. He has a great fashion sense - he always rocks his high top Vans sneakers, camo details, denim jacket and MA brand which the world will hear about soon enough. He is a true hustler at heart who builds his life the way he wants to live it and does not conform to societal pressure followed by majority. Daniel is very active in the community and he truly values his close friendships. He always sports the biggest smile, rocks victory sign like no one else and he likes to start his Instagram stories with: "Alright!" He is well-known for his elevator banana selfies, recently resumed runs and the frequent use of nerd emojis.
Gary Vee on Instagram: Tag someone who is crushing it while being kind to others and always working on self-improvement!
Martina: That's Daniel! I better tag him.

Jessica: What do you call a person whose face is just as good as their character?
Jessica's mom: Daniel!

Random person: Siri, what do you call someone who is likable, smart and amazing?
Siri: Daniel!
by Martini Shaken Not Stirred October 13, 2018
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