An amazing, funny and sensitive guy who's all any girl could want as a boyfriend or any guy as a best friend. Sometimes feels he is not as important as he is.
Derived from the word 'Danius' meaning 'Special one'
Sometimes needs to be encouraged to follow his dreams, and be the best person he can be. He is kind and caring and will make everybody feel special-It is in his nature.
Love him and he will love you back.
Lilly:I love my boyfriend called Daniel, hes the best guy ever

Cris:I know, he's my best bud, an amazing bloke
by Lilly Saffron January 14, 2011
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Name for a genius.

He has friends who respect him greatly, is handsome, nonchalant, intelligent and loves his sister but doesn't show his love out loud.

He thinks in eleven dimensions and can solve an A-level science/math problem in less than quarter of the time it would take for an average student.

He pretends to not know that all the girls love him.

He can imitate voices and actions to the muscle and pitch.

The girl he will marry is the luckiest, most blessed girl in the world.
Daniel is a clever dude in a non-geeky cool way

"Ohmygowsh it's Daniel again!!! Go catch him, babes!!!"

Daniel, you GMH
by iHEARTShiaLaBeouf September 28, 2010
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He's an angel
It's his hidden secret
He exposed himeself to me
I kept his secret
As he whispered it to my lips
He kisses me gently
Just like angels do
He protects my heart
With his calm gaze
He inflamed my love
Forever I will stay
In the arms
Of an angel
A shy yet fun guy who you can tell anything to. Daniel
by Daniel130895 March 31, 2010
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Daniel is someone who is kind but at times the most selfish person around. He is someone who makes you smile and laugh and isn't even trying to. Daniel is someone who just wants to have a family and live the "normal" life. He is proud but will admit when he's wrong as long as you point it out. He is loving but only when people aren't looking. A Daniel is easy to fall in love with and stay in love with. They can be childish but when it's necessary they take responsibility.
love great weed sex father smart monkey Daniel
by SwayJunglist June 18, 2009
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He's a totally cool guy, he makes friends with everyone with he meets, and he tells the most corny jokes but they still make girls laugh. He has a sense of wit and is somewhat good at school. He might not be the most fun to look at, but girls only date him for his personality but that doesn't matter because when girls are around him they totally forget that fact.
I met a new boy named Daniel, and I immediately knew he'd be a great friend.
by scratchytoenails10 May 15, 2016
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