Quiet but can be a total ladies' man; cute but very mysterious; ladies go wild for his sexy deep voice.
Totally doable chick: "Walking along the beach, I saw a Daniel and totally gave myself to him."
Daniel: "Yeah...I know, I was there."
by TotallyNotDaniel_it's YEn April 24, 2009
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A boy who is quite modest. He is very kind and lovable. He hates him self and his body and has a very low self esteem yet he is quite handsome and Honestly cute. He can reach out to your heat with out even trying. He has the one of the most adorable laughs you will ever hear. He can be shy and in queit the introvert. He loves the indoors and the Internet. He has social anxiety and possibly depression. He hates a lot of thing but loves cats. He wishes he has different from what he has but that makes you love him more. You can't talk to him for hours upon hours on end. You never want to let this guy go.
Daniel is amazing yet different that's why I love him.
by Shion-chan October 24, 2015
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A guy who is quiet and mysterious to an onlooker. He is tall, dark and brooding in appearence but is utterly mad, crazy and full of laughter. He has a great sense of humour and is always joking about. He has a very hot butt. He is amazingly smart and clever, can and will get over 100% on an exam. Compleatly into video games, specifically Legend of Zelda, looks great in a link costume and Hot in a tux. Is musical but claims he cannot sing, he loves making up silly songs. He makes no sense at all at times and will confuse you. He is an awesome friend and always fun to be around.
Daniel: Beware the goblins in the forrest, they will convince you to spend your money on things you do not need.
by PantsDanceGirl July 11, 2010
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noun; an incredibly sweet, handsome, sexy man who can put a smile on your face with the greatest of ease. A Daniel has great strength of character and is an awesome friend who will always be by your side. He has an irresistible smile and the most beautiful eyes. A Daniel gives the best hugs in the world. He is a loving and caring boyfriend and the type of guy girls want to marry.
Girl 1: see that guy walking over there?
Girl 2: yeah...ooh he's hot...you know him...id like a piece of that?
Girl 1: of course...that's Daniel, and he's all mine...don't even think about it. Hey baby!
Girl 2:...(awkward moment)
by poema September 20, 2009
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Daniel is an intelligent individual with big dreams and unwavering determination who wants to make a life for himself that he didn't have as a kid. He's honest and extremely protective of the people he loves.

He is really careful about what he does with his money, and is always looking at the bigger picture.

He will say horrible things to/or about people when he is angry, often when he feels he's let down someone he cares about. Usually the things he accuses them of are traits he dislikes about himself. Under all of that B.S. though, he always has a lot of love and integrity.

Daniel is an ambitious individual, and a force to be reckoned with.
That guy has a lot of money, he must be a Daniel.
by Youprobablydoknow April 03, 2010
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One with the most beautiful eyes in the world. They will capture you, emerse you, and hold you until you find yourself completely lost. A Daniel is sweet, caring, loving, and eveything you could ever want in the world. A Daniel is loyal, a safe haven, and true. He will never break your heart unless you break his. He's completely perfect, but won't admit to it. He may get angry, but when he's angry or completely content his eyes will turn to the most beuitful shade of gold. One look and you'll be his fovever.
No one can resist a Daniel

Alison: Isn't that guy's name Daniel?
Maria: Yeah, I think so he has such pretty eyes
Alison: Yeah I know!
Alison: I think I'm going to go ask him out!
by SmolderinBlue February 16, 2010
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