A cute, funny and REALLY romantic guy and EVERY girl will be soooo lucky to have him!!Daniel will know how to make u happy, and hardly ever gets angry.
girl: sigh i feel so depressed today....
Daniel: come here....
girl: oh......
Daniel:do u feel better?
(hugs and comforts)
by lovecupcakenemesis March 21, 2011
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Daniel is a person who is very handsome. Someone who is caring, loving, thoughtful, and respectful. This man would never lie to you. He is very honest and loyal. He is blunt, and peaceful. Once he loves you, he will love and care for you and only you until the very end. He is forgiving and incredible with absolutely amazing eyes.

I love you baby. <3
-Daniel is amazing.
-I know right?
by His baby. April 1, 2013
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A Daniel is a man who loves staring at ladys butts. But he is to scared to arks them out.
Daniel is very confused.
by barzingder September 7, 2018
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A usually tall and extreamly thin man with a sexy butt. Daniels are incredibly sweet and caring, especially to their families. They underestimate themselves and have no idea how much of an effect they have on others. They are complety nuts, enthusiatic about everything and totally not afraid to be themsevles in all their glorious weirdness. Daniels have innocent minds and often won't get dirty jokes right away. Girls love them but they often don't realise.

Special talents of Daniels often include: Music, Animal Impressions, Making up silly songs, Video games and Mad Dancing.

Their only weakness is their sides where if jabbed will render them incapacitated.
Girl 1: That guy is so sweet, mad dancing with his sister.
Girl 2: Yea, everyone loves a Daniel.
by That's Lovely September 27, 2012
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Daniel, a word of many meanings; including "Himerus" which translates "God of sexual desire" in Greek literature, or "pipe kòfẹ" which in the language of Yoruba translates: "Perfect Penis". These being some of the many meanings used to describe the entity for-known as Daniel have been desperate attempts in different cultures to express to the god of which some say is the creation of all time and space, that's Daniel is thee best in which humans to date have had to offer as a representative of the 100% perfect evolution of what some people say to be "Guardian of beauty". With growing fear that the end is growing closer to the human race, people look only to the only chance of perfection which the human race will be able to leave behind, this chance Is Danilo (Spanish), Danijel (Slovene), Taniel (Armenian), the one and only entity among the living today which can prove to all other creations of the universe the true and pure definition, of perfection, even then some say perfection is a word to weak and thin to describe the thick, strong, tall, God-Like creature which is among us today.
Bow, bow to perfection, bow to the only hope of a worthy life you have.
guy one: "yo dude, last night was the best party I've every been to, it came close to being worthy of daniel!"
guy two: "bro don't say that word!"
guy one: "what? da-"
guy two: "no dude! You might expload!"
guy one: "what?"
guy two: "yeah dude... explode... into rainbows!"
guy one: "whoah!"
by MysteryMan17 February 26, 2014
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Daniel is the most caring person you will ever meet. He will fight for you till there's no end and he makes you feel something good inside. If you ever find someone like Daniel don't ever let him go. He is someone you can fall in love with so quickly yet so deeply, yet you're scared to tell him how you feel because you're scared you care for him more then he cares for you. He gives the best hugs and will kiss you on the cheek like no other. And if he ever leaved it would make you feel empty on the inside til he came back.
by Jessica Lotus October 7, 2011
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