A guy who is strong, outging, sweet, and over all amazing. He's strong willed and hates to have to rely on anyone for help. It's hard to get him to open up to you but once he trusts you he will tell you the truth about anything you ask him. He's a complete stud and girls are always giving him attention but his full attention in on his girlfriend. He's faithful and honest and not afraid to tell other girls that he is taken and point out his girl. He's very protective over what's his and will take a stand to protect the love of his life. He's also a monster in bed and can show you an amazing time with his huge penis. If you are lucky enough to have a Daniel fall in love with you, you should NEVER take advantage of him. Give him the same respect that he shows you.
Person 1; Hey who is that sexy guy?
Person 2; That's Daniel
Person 1; I'd love to get to know him!
Person 2; Don't even think about it hun, he's mine
Person 1; .-. Oh.... Can I atleast talk to him?
Person 2; NO.
by Suki Vegara November 04, 2013
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A cute, funny and REALLY romantic guy and EVERY girl will be soooo lucky to have him!!Daniel will know how to make u happy, and hardly ever gets angry.
girl: sigh i feel so depressed today....
Daniel: come here....
girl: oh......
Daniel:do u feel better?
(hugs and comforts)
by lovecupcakenemesis March 20, 2011
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Daniel is a person who is very handsome. Someone who is caring, loving, thoughtful, and respectful. This man would never lie to you. He is very honest and loyal. He is blunt, and peaceful. Once he loves you, he will love and care for you and only you until the very end. He is forgiving and incredible with absolutely amazing eyes.

I love you baby. <3
-Daniel is amazing.
-I know right?
by His baby. April 01, 2013
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A guy that no woman can resist sleeping with.
You: is that daniel?
Friend: yes it is girl and he is so fine.
You: I think I wanna have his baby.
Friend: BITCH! I saw him first.
by everygirlindaworld November 19, 2013
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Sexiest, most beautiful man to ever walk the Earth. Anyone who sees him instantly melts from his greatness. He's so muscular and intelligent that you can only wish to be him. He has a massive dong and can perform miracles with it. All people should bow down to him and worship his beauty.
Mandy: Oh look it's Daniel. He makes me so wet; I heard he has a huge cock!
Sidney: That's what I heard too!
by DrPhilbert January 15, 2013
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a jealous guy protective yet loves very passionatley.funny and adorable, as well as attractive can be a bit stubborn and very impatient. Will remain always by your side even when the things get bad. Can get annoying but can easily become a part of the one he loves,
Describe your boyfriend...oh he's a Daniel
by cynthia's;homo..et September 24, 2010
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A guy who is super confident in almost everything he does. He has his own unique personality, that comes with a funny sense of humor, and great style. Daniel is an awesome guy who defeneds those he loves, and is super sweet. He is not always comfortable sharing how he really feels, so if he shares his deep feeling with you, you should know youre special to him. Daniel is a really tough guy who can face anything you throw is way. He is strong on the inside and out, and looks at life from an optimistic point of view. Danile has beautiful eyes that shine when you really make him simle. He's a really great friend and a even better boyfriend<3
Daniel is like a white tiger, super hot and loves it when youre agressive
by Nani+Ddog December 07, 2011
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