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Usually means, intelligent, nice, wise, handsome, sexy, buff, and modest guy.
It is also the person who talks to Emily for 5 hours therefore makes the others jealous.
Person 1: I hooked up with Britney last night!

Danilo: Oh yeah i talked with emily for 5 hours last night.

Person 1: Dude i am so jealous.
by person123456123123 May 15, 2011
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Usually means handsome, strong, intelligent, and a large penis.His pullout game is strong and won't let you down in bed.
Danilo last night was amazing.
by suavedaddy April 24, 2017
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Eating ham pizza and spicy wings, while playing WoW, watching the Sarah Chronicles and getting head...
He was bored at home so he Daniloed it all night long.
by k dawg 1 January 19, 2008
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Danilo is normally an extreme hypocrite and is normally overweight and tends to also be very gay this leads to danilo being a very big crybaby and also he typically has a very small penis from 1 mm to the size of a babies middle finger. you should always avoid interactions with danilo as you could get heavily injured and he may harass you he normally would stroke your ass and hit you in the testicles
man is that danilo ? he seems a bit overweight
Yooo danilo how's that 1mm growin' to mate
Made any cum yet? probably not tiny balls !
by October 10, 2018
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1: Serbian in nature
2: A Serbian-American person
3: Capital of the Downsinian Empire
DUDE! That's a Serbian Car!
HEY! There's a Danilo!
I just got back from my trip to Danilo.
by Downsinian March 27, 2007
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1) A Large distributor of calendars of various themes.

2) A car-crazy, indecisive guy from South England who has a little skill at games and enjoys making words up then adding them to to legitimise his claims.
Did you get the latest (Fluffy Kittens/Tom Hanks/Lego) calendar from yet?
by Mooglepies May 20, 2006
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Generally, a noun used to describe one of the best hispanic amercian janitors you will ever meet in your life!
Danilos tend to be extremely sauve, and ultimately become janitors despite their debonair moves.
an example of a danilo's sauve moves, "oh! you touched my penis!"

-swish, swoosh, swish- "Hola, miss"
by sosucky May 07, 2010
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