to run quickly, or sprint, after something or away from something. Synonomous with "dip".
Man you better get open it closes in five minutes! (running to the corner store)
by DJ Manifesto November 2, 2006
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Get open” in this context is just another way to say he’s “going off” or “getting busyon the mic
by Sneakyturtle348 December 9, 2019
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When one notices all the flaws and imperfections, mostly idiocy, in someone, and then begins to tear them a new one in the most thorough of fashion. Named this due to the fact its as if all of their mental retardation was in an open field and you just got it all in one place to shove in their face.
Well the whore complained about abortions and wondered why her parents didn't accept her, John couldn't help but Open get her.
by toadsterBbox June 28, 2012
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Reffering to the social media app "SnapChat"
When someone opens your message and doesn't respond
What someone does when they are really pissed
Getting left on opened: Damn last night I got in a fight with Jess and she left me on open
by ElizaE July 11, 2016
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