When you feel the music, you're so absorbed in the music, that you feel like it has become part of you. Some may experience complete ecstasy or complete sadness.
by mmichelle December 10, 2008
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Often, in these modern days, the term "Feel the music" is used. And often, it is used incorrectly.
To "Feel the music" is not a simple case of understanding an artists viewpoint, or relating to the lyrics, or even reading, deciphering and understanding the lines between the lines. It is not associated with understanding a life style that accompanies a type of music. "G"s don not feel their music. Neither, for the most part do juggalos or other such organizations/groups/"families".
To "Feel the music" is to have an extra-sensory response to a piece of auditory art. When listening to the music, you can taste and smell the meaning, It creates physical affects, often a pulsating feeling, or a vertigo like sensation. Is also has inexplicable affects not directly linked to a particular sense. you are "Feeling the music" when it produces quasi-hallucinogenic affects.
"Feeling the music" also requires that, in the wake of the perception, you feel drained, yet are just as energetic as beforehand.
"I was listening to butterfly caught, by massive attack, the other day, and man, when I closed my eyes, did I feel the music! It was like I was a strobe light in a field of black roses."
by Dictionary Do-write November 30, 2008
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Horrible autotune music. And some people actually say its GOOD? This is sad, because 70% of America listens to this garbage.
Listening to feel good music is frustrating after a while.
by bjc2002 March 11, 2013
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the corny sewage that hip hop has been turned into

created by 5th Element Records
hurricane chris aint real hip hop nikka
he make that feel good music
by shitgah August 5, 2007
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