a sad excuse to flail your arms and legs around while people pretend to watch
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by bleh bleh blehh February 01, 2017
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the quite wrong term for moshing at shows nowadays. When you go to a show, and swing your arms around, do spin kicks, punch the ground, and bring the motherfucking ruckus to the little kids, and throw the shit down.
"yo brah, lets go to that hardxcore terror/unearth show and dance"

"yo lets dance and piss off the teachers and principal when we get to the talent show tonight"
by bumbubmlee April 18, 2006
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Verb: An Americanized form of martial arts in action. This consists of odd movement, usually coinciding with the beats of music. Though, many homeless people do it without music. The instant you see someone do this, they are preparing to attack, therefore you should immediately rush them before they strike.
"Hey, do you...do you wanna dance?"
"You threatin' Clair?! Now you die, mothafucka!"
by Bucket Life October 01, 2007
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To masturbate. Inspired partly from the Billy Idol song "Dancing With Myself" and the end of the Fountains Of Wayne video for "Stacy's Mom". "He was BEATING OFF?! I thought he was dancing!"

Fun to listen to pop songs with this meaning in mind.
"Dance with me!"

"I was dancing REALLY hard to Ministry earlier. I got a headache."

by Camille the Coum Girl October 24, 2005
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The movement before a fight in an ice hockey game, the sliding of the skates back and forth
For further explination see any Ice hockey game at your local rink
by Jvs July 13, 2005
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