The series of movements in rythmn that is appropriate for every situation and/or music
Emma preformed “The Dance” for 3 hours straight at winter formal and killed it the entire time.
by The juicy juice February 4, 2019
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a form of activity, with many different styles. dance can be taught at studios or non-formaly as well. it's a good expression of emotion and feelings. dancing requires a lot of hard work, practise, commitment, and discipline.
by Anon. moose October 17, 2005
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dancing is nothing more than making love set to music.
Frank Sinatra:"for what is dancing than making love set to music,, playin."
by Jarell Reloj October 22, 2007
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Something white males cannot accomplish properly sober
did you see John last night dancing on the table?
by JY September 3, 2003
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The vertical expression of a horizontal desire
Dude, I think that girl wants to be dancing...
by micky mick July 31, 2008
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Slang for the Men's NCAA Basketball Tournement
Do you think that UTEP will make it to the dance?

No, they lost 6 of their last 7
by Gods2ndBestGift March 14, 2010
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Its a vertical frustration born to a horizontal desire.
I cant fuck her just yet but we can still dance
by Toronto Raptors January 26, 2008
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