Keeping rhythm using one's body.
When you feel the music flowing through your veins as blood, and your motions are coming without thought, then you have truly lost your body to the lust of dance.
by NoLifeOtakuGirl September 13, 2014
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can be compared to a group of non-violent martial arts which only consist on showing your moves. These moves include soft ones which are usually used to likes more devastating ones.
I never seen anyone dance like this before, what kind of style is that???
by Arno November 29, 2003
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Synonym to party, chilling, having fun, or anything that includes chillin and having a good time.
Hey man I'm not doing anything tomorrow, hit me if u wanna dance.
by Big Balla Bland July 1, 2010
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An activity requiring little to no physical activity that is definitely not a sport
Oh you don’t do a sport? You must be in dance.
by Michal scott January 29, 2020
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To take a sleeping medication (such as Ambien) and let the effects set in while staying awake instead of going to bed. Allowing the drug to kick in, the participant begins to feel loopy, almost like being drunk, and often leads to physical dancing.
Hey Jimmy, are you trying to dance later? I'm trying to dance. Let's get the dance team together tonight and dance.
by DoughBoy May 15, 2013
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Verb: An Americanized form of martial arts in action. This consists of odd movement, usually coinciding with the beats of music. Though, many homeless people do it without music. The instant you see someone do this, they are preparing to attack, therefore you should immediately rush them before they strike.
"Hey, do you wanna dance?"
"You threatin' Clair?! Now you die, mothafucka!"
by Bucket Life October 2, 2007
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The movement before a fight in an ice hockey game, the sliding of the skates back and forth
For further explination see any Ice hockey game at your local rink
by Jvs July 13, 2005
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