Similar to a sport, yet more graceful and pretty looking.
unlike football, dance is more graceful and won't get your clothes dirty
by yai February 17, 2009
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something that you need to know how to do if you want any hope of getting laid.
If you want ever want to get laid, learn how to dance.
by asdfsa October 15, 2006
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A well known symptom or side effect of listening to music.

It can be described as awkward, uncontrolled movements of the body, followed quickly by embarrassment of the 'dancer,' and laughter from peers.
I laughed so hard when Tam danced the other night. Why can he do that K-Pop dance??
by NmaT April 05, 2010
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its just another word for fighting; a fight
i'll dance with any muthafukker who looks at me tough
by billy ene June 08, 2009
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a sport that uses movement to express a person’s feelings or emotions.It is fun and it is for anyone of any age.If you’re advanced then you’ll be able to compete at dance competitions anywhere in the world.
Kitten:what sport do u play?
Belle:i dance.
Kitten:cool.what studio?
Belle:Energy Dance Company

Kitten:that’s cool.i might go there soon.
by cracra18 June 14, 2018
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Dance is a sport that people do to show their emotions and feelings using the human body.Also people dance to entertain others for fun or people may compete against other dancers for fun,improvement,and entertainment.
Bella:Hey are you doing anything this weekend?

Rosie:Oh,yea I have dance practice for competition.


via giphy
by cracra18 June 11, 2018
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