To fight, to scrap.

To engage in a confrontation.
Yo bitch you wanna dance?
by Mizzle Dizzle December 23, 2005
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A movement that simulates sexuality (if u havent noticed a lot of dance movements are also sex movements). used to have fun and attract others.
there are tons of different types of dance
by Angelacia September 30, 2007
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its what i do. it is apart of me && my everydaylife.dance is a passion it is an expression of what i go throught eachday.dance is not just some lame thing it is just as good as football if not better.
dance is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire
by lysha September 13, 2005
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Movement to music which the 99.9 % of heterosexual men hate to do. Men only dance becasue girls/chicks/birds nag them to do it and occasionally with hold sex if they don't.
I fucking hate dancing but I want to get in this chicks pants so I better go dance with her.

I can only dance when I'm totally tanked.

I'd rather hang out at the back with the boys and drink rather than looking like a homo on dance floor.
by Dundasian February 06, 2005
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a euphemism for fucking that men use to lure girls into conversation, contact, and eventually intercourse. often used at a club or party
hey baby, you wanna dance?
by t-CONvict February 21, 2006
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A leisure activity mostly performed by teenage girls that causes them turn in to annoying ass BITCHES.
GIRL:God She is a real bitch now.

OTHER GIRL:Yeah she started Dance last week.
by JEFF IS RACIST October 11, 2011
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Pronounced daunch, means Raunchy Dancing.
Hey Baby, you wanna Danče?
Ginuwine was Dančing all over that mechanical bull.

To Danče or not to Danče? That is never the question.

Did you see those girls last night? They were really getting their Danče on!

Last night was so Danče, shit got crazy.
by OurLadyofDanče April 13, 2013
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