Slang term for a amature boxing tornument held between co-workers, roommates, shipmates etc. to settle arguments before they can manifest into grouges. As long as name or dogtag is in the fighters tin, any man/woman may call up an challenge another.
"these damn flyboys keep giving me shit someones engine might just break"

"dude just settle it at the dance"
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A way of moving the body to show expression or tell a story. And yes, dance IS a sport people!!!
She is a great dancer!
by dasmehboiii August 4, 2017
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A retarded move people do when they have strokes and have sex, like holy fuck you guys are gay as shit, this needs to stop, please you homos
Tom: Lets dance!
Timmy: No you gay shit!
by Gay killers December 12, 2017
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Lots of small movements
by Dana October 28, 2003
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A BRILLIANT single by the band Fall Out Boy, from their album From Under The Cork Tree.
The band go to a high school prom, simultaneously playing and attending as geekier versions of themselves.
It's also based on the 80s, featuring the geeks triumphing over the cool people.
Notably, about a minute and a half in, lead guitaist Joe Tromhan does a move now called Trohmania, jumping up and spinning with his guitar.
Patrick Stump's dancing is a particular highlight.
At the very end all members have found love, and Pete Wentz does the Thriller dance!
The video is a little longer than the song, thanks to an intro bit, and a few seconds of improvised dialogue.
Have you seen the video to Dance, Dance? It's really good!
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Not giving a shit about what other people think of you as you move you body gracefully (or not so gracefully) rhythmically to the beat of music. Often done at parties, discos, etc... Can be done on one's own but is more fun done in pairs or in groups.
Man that party was CRAZY! We were dancing all night and all mornin'!
by Captain Capable May 30, 2012
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amazing, danc is better then any friend group out there, they often use the words “bot” “when did I ask” “buddy.” D FOR DESMOND, A FOR ANDREI, N FOR NOAH, C FOR COLE. So like you think your friend group is cool...cap, danc is better 4v4 us in basketball
by the “a” in danc December 8, 2020
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