A very perverted person that is obsessed by sex and can't live without it. Every sentence he uses or move he makes is somehow related to sex.
Stop looking at my pussy you dan!!!
Omg, you're such a dan!!
by soulhunter93 February 16, 2008
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The most amazing, caring, selfless, sweet, handsome, and sexy boyfriend any girl could want. The girlfriend of Dan is a very lucky person who couldn't ask for more.
by Skullionaire April 10, 2011
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n. The most amazing boyfriend ever, always dependable, caring, sweet, hilarious. Loves music, soccer, ice cream, and Emily. He's also insuperfluous.
by Panda555 February 03, 2010
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a guy who is deeply loved by a girl victoria. also a very funny and hot guy. he can always make you happy when your sad and he will always make you smile when you just look at him.
girl: i love dannnn!
girl2: i know who wouldnt?!?
by AirotcivEsorr May 09, 2009
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A person who is very nosy. Loves hearing secrets and doing the right thing. He cares about everyone around him. He's a gamer!!! People get very attached to him easily because hes so sweet! Easily turns on girls.
Dan-He's so sexy and attractive
by you1 March 04, 2012
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A man bun that is 10/10. Hipsters who are obsessed with global warming and like pasta in jars wear these.
That Dan is on point today.
by YaelCantSing October 21, 2016
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Someone who is kind hearted, trustworthy, hardworking, hilarious in every manner possible, but also a loving person. Can make you burst out laughing with just one joke and you can’t stop laughing.
I made this example dedicated to my father. Love you dad❤️ (Dan)
by G-cat05 November 20, 2017
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