Dan is a hot,cute,sexy motherfucker, he’s very sweet but probably has some secrets he is an amazing and smart guy every girl should have a dan
Girl: who’s that

Other girl: that’s dan

Girl: he’s hot
by Umidkyouchoseig February 16, 2019
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A guy that on appearance can often be mistaken for a young child. Often quotes N-Dubz when talking to girls. He can tend to annoy some people with his rants and moaning, although his friends accept that this is who he is and put up with him.
On the whole, Dan is a nice guy that tries hard and is patiently waiting for that one special person that will see him for what he is - special. Bless him :)
by JustinCredible88 January 2, 2011
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The perfect guy. Great at everything they do. Sexy, smart, romantic, funny. Very well endowed and a great lover with a kinky side. His #1 priority is to please you. Sensitive and understanding, a great listener who will always be there for you. More of a lover than a fighter but will stand up for himself and loved ones. A keeper.
You are so lucky to be with Dan. I dream of having a man as good as Dan.
by orggy April 14, 2014
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God like figure. Also known as Adonis or Adanis.
by December 20, 2020
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Most boopable nose know to human kind, fabulous eyelashes and should stop slouching and stand up straight 👍🏻
*boop* dan has got an nose
by Someone that boops your nose January 9, 2019
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