Greatest boyfriend ever. Sweet, romantic, understanding, but also not afraid to explore the sexual side of the relationship. Although low self esteem is sometimes common, he will not let it show and will continue to raise yours. He's funny and adorable, and occasionally bad at planning. Ginger.
"Wow, is that your boyfriend? He's awesome; must be Dan."
by holliefosterrrr January 03, 2010
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A man of questionable humour - appealing only to the sick of mind or those of equal nutsosity. Totally bodacious and a complete stud. Pretty eyes and dangerous eye jabbing hair
grrrr.....licking of lips......Dan you complete nutjob give it to me big.
by Prokarenadol March 07, 2010
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Everyone on Dan’s case like who hurt y’all?
Dan did nothing to y’all
by AGuyNameDan August 04, 2020
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a name for the best friend anyone could ever have: usually has a twin who is his polar opposite, usually has superhuman strength. If you have a Dan in your life, you should be grateful that you have such a fantastic chum.
person 1: I had Dan for a boyfriend on last friday
person 2: lucky! but i heard he ice-skated over your hand
person 1: yeah, but it healed up really quick since it was such a clean cut
person 2: so you don't hate him?
person 1: never in a million years - he's my best friend for life!
by shnukums77 December 25, 2008
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the cutest guy in the world, has the prettiest eyes ever, is simply amazing, soooo sweet, dazzling, and godly in everyway shape and form.

... oh and he has a chode.
but its ok, his cuteness makes up for it.
dammmmmmmmmmmn, he must be a dan
by chocolatethunder060 January 29, 2009
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The name Dan stands for integrity and heroism. His eyes are so amazing and hypnotizing, that once he catches your eye, you are at his mercy. You will always laugh and joke around him because he brings out the very best in others. He is an encourager and comforter. He is a Godly man and respectable man. If you are lucky enough to ever have “the” Dan in your life, your days will be full of spontaneity and adventure. He is the most wonderful, loving, and protective daddy any daughter would be blessed to have. He is the most passionate and seductive man on the face of the planet. His controlling and protective nature toward his mate is his most attractive quality!!! If you get him angry, he can make you so upset and frustrated you could spit nails at him, but then something mysterious and magical will take place as your chemistry mixes together with his to the point you will be begging for him to draw his gun on you. When he picks you up from the airport for a visit, the minute he lays his eyes on you, he will quickly lead you to the back seat of his car and fulfill every possible thought you fantasized about on the trip over, and more. You will always have a difficult time keeping your hands off of him. He is the most attractive man both inside and out. If you are blessed enough to have “the” Dan in your life.....then you are experiencing a life of heaven on earth. “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” by Dr. Seuss.
Why is Dan the only man Stormy will allow to come in through the back door?
by stormyecstasy December 27, 2020
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