The perfect guy is the guy who knows what he wants.. he will walk you home each and everytime even if he has to make the 40min - 2hr walk back home after. The perfect guy has the most perfect voice that makes you smile everytime you hear it. A voice that changes your mood completly from sad to pure joy. A guy who will hold you close and do anything and everything to make you comfortable and happy. The perfect guys name would roll off your tongue in such a beautiful tone. The perfect guy is the most beautiful guy in the world even if others dont beileve it.. of he's perfect he's perfect. The perfect guy is the guy you look at and say is perfect. Who you love is the perfect guy because they are perfect to you
Girl 1 : "i dont know what you see in him"
Girl2: " what he's the perfect guy"
Girl1: "ew no"
Girl2: " he's perfect in everyway because he's perfect to me"
by gabriella mae December 23, 2014
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The perfect guy, is your friend first. He's good looking, which makes you want him more because he's been so sweet during your friendship, but is the one that wants to wait for anything to happen. He doesn't get angry, but if he's upset, he explains himself calmly to you. He makes sure you're compatible before you start a relationship, instead of rushing into things. Once you're dating, you wont care that he has friends that are girls because you don't have a doubt in your mind that he won't be faithful to you. He'll always answer your call. He'll always be there when you cry, and would do anything to make it better. He loves you with or without makeup and would never look at you differently when you don't have it on. Sex never HAS to happen, unless you want it to and he is always willing to "go down on you" and ask for nothing in return. Once he knows, he will tell you about the future he wants to share with you. He'll always be there to cuddle and play with your hair. And anything you ask, he does, just to see you smile.
Damn, that girl is lucky she found the perfect guy!
by swag~so~illest January 11, 2012
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The perfect guy is someone who doesn't try to be someone he is not. Who finds the right balance between alone time and quality time with you. A guy who listens to your problems, offers his shoulder for you to cry on and is mostly fair and reasonable even if it might hurt your feelings. Instead of sugar coating everything he will be honest finding the most suitable words. He is good looking, sometimes arrogant but mostly mature and confident. He is charming by the way he looks at you, the way he acts and the way he speaks. His thoughts are inspiring, refreshing and interesting. He will always bring a different perspective to things, mostly completely different than yours but in a good way. He makes you feel safe whenever you need it, but he will also be the one and only person who has the guts to tell you to stop when you're about to cross the line. He's patient and considerate, prioritizes you without acting like a puppy. The perfect guy is someone who can fulfill several roles at once, adding something to your life instead of trying to be the one and only center. He is so perfect that a simple thought of him takes your breathe away.
I never knew what I was looking for until I met him, the perfect guy.
by xoxoserra April 2, 2017
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A male who is by traditional standards is considered perfect by members of the opposite sex, as well as homosexual members of the same sex. Men who are considered the "Perfect Guy" are rated on several different categories, including; appearance, dateability, intelligence, and income amount. (The last is most important for females of the Golddigger type.)
Erin: Gee wiz, Brittanie, look at Dan over there, isn't he just the Perfect Guy?

Brittanie: Oh Erin, if only I could get myself a man like that I could die happy.
by OuttaMyHead August 9, 2008
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You. You are beyond perfect. I love you so much. Thank you for everything that you have done for me. You’re my universe and I would be lost without you
Tom is so perfect, he has the charm and the looks and so much more.
Tom is just that perfect guy
by .Cat.1.2.3. December 17, 2018
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I have no clue, I haven't found one yet. But here are some tings to look out for in your perfect guy:

He'll be smart, hot, funny and most of all adorable and sweet. He'll be the kind of guy that will do things like write your name and definition in the Urban Dictionary saying great things about you. You will never find the perfect guy....Which kind of sucks so yeah. Good luck. Tell me if you find one.
Does not exist Unfortunately would be nice The perfect guy will probably only match with the perfect girl, and face it, that's never going to happen, either0
by frghjdsuehrbtgldiosquwygef September 30, 2012
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