A short stocky bald leprechaun with anger problems that sucks a lot of specific things
Dan that damn leprechaun sucked my dad off and stole my lucky charms
by Jeff Goldberg September 26, 2017
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Dan is annoying. He is unable to hear Chris. I believe it is because he thinks that Chris is a fat bumm. But he, like most of the time. Is WRONG. I wonder why...
by The moo-moo KING! October 15, 2018
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Dan is the sweetest person you will ever meet. He is funny, intelligent and has a great personality. If you meet a Dan, don't let him go because he can make your life so much better. He is so funny hew will make you laugh for hours without trying. Also sarcastic as hell so watch out for any that rolls your way.
Person 1: "Omg I just met Dan!"
Person 2: "Don't let him go!"
by life_in_steps September 24, 2020
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An overall great guy. The best person you'll ever meet. He's sweet, kind, trust worthy and very blunt. A great sense of humour that will always make you smile, even the lame jokes.
Dan is amazing in every way.
by Ravenblood August 17, 2019
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S: yeh okay dan
R:did you just call me dan

S: yeh it’s short for your name
by Bigshaq January 04, 2019
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