Gorilla looking mother fucker eats a lot of shit then gets emotional on calpol
by Cheese1507 December 9, 2018
a name for the best friend anyone could ever have: usually has a twin who is his polar opposite, usually has superhuman strength. If you have a Dan in your life, you should be grateful that you have such a fantastic chum.
person 1: I had Dan for a boyfriend on last friday
person 2: lucky! but i heard he ice-skated over your hand
person 1: yeah, but it healed up really quick since it was such a clean cut
person 2: so you don't hate him?
person 1: never in a million years - he's my best friend for life!
by shnukums77 December 25, 2008
the cutest guy in the world, has the prettiest eyes ever, is simply amazing, soooo sweet, dazzling, and godly in everyway shape and form.

... oh and he has a chode.
but its ok, his cuteness makes up for it.
dammmmmmmmmmmn, he must be a dan
by chocolatethunder060 January 30, 2009
Someone who is kind hearted, trustworthy, hardworking, hilarious in every manner possible, but also a loving person. Can make you burst out laughing with just one joke and you can’t stop laughing.
I made this example dedicated to my father. Love you dad❤️ (Dan)
by G-cat05 November 21, 2017
Most boopable nose know to human kind, fabulous eyelashes and should stop slouching and stand up straight 👍🏻
*boop* dan has got an nose
by Someone that boops your nose January 9, 2019
S: yeh okay dan
R:did you just call me dan

S: yeh it’s short for your name
by Bigshaq January 4, 2019
The most amazing, caring, selfless, sweet, handsome, and sexy boyfriend any girl could want. The girlfriend of Dan is a very lucky person who couldn't ask for more.
by Skullionaire April 11, 2011