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A 'Dakin' is a teenage boy who acts very immaturly fot his age.
They do not have usual teenage interest Like Music or hagning around with their peers they just go out shopping with parents and watch television such as cbbc cartoon network and nickelodeon.

Is my friend a Dakin?

Look out for these 10 symptons to know if you know a dakin.
1. cannot hav a basic human conversation even thought the person is booksmart
2. likes crazy frog and other shit like that
3. follows groups of people who will not take the piss out of him (mutch)
4. Uses very immature language (eg. Hurty)
5. stink
6. wash rarely
7. Plays with sticks and in dirt
8. lazy and slightley over weight
9. extremely un-fit (no sports skill what so ever)
10. just plain gay
optional- large chin, 100% gay
Example 1
Person- "aup dakin how are you"
Dakin- "*supid noise*"
Person- "Shut the fuck up dakin you gay boy"
Dakin- "You're nasty"
Exaple 2
Person- "remember when you fell over?"
Dakin- "That was hurty"
Person "Stop talking like a twat"
Dakin "You're Nasty"
by Danny Lynch January 24, 2007
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Dakin is a term used to describe a creature that is a mystery. Either a man or a animal or both... dakins are male and are extremely hostile.

Common characteristics:
-Is "invincible"
-Hates people who bitch and complain
-Wants to do some odd job no one else does (see example #3)
-Usually attracted to felines sometimes females
Example 1:
Person- "Dakin you look toned, have you been working out?"
Dakin- "What the f***"
Person- Whoa dude just kidding

Dakin- "Better be or I'll f***ing kill you"

Example 2:
Person- "Your terrible at games"
Dakin- "Your a b!***"
Person- *ignores dakin*
Dakin- "Thats right, got called a bitch and didnt do anything about it... bitch"

Example 3:
Person: "What the fuck are you going to do with your life"
Dakin: "I heard elevator repair make hella money, or maybe hunt alligators.

Example 4:
Dakin: *yelling* "y'all got some beech nut? gimme some mofuckin beech nut!!!!"
by Sweet Lip$s December 05, 2010
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A myseterious girl, usually indecisive. Oftentimes adventurous but sometimes reserved and more calm. They are fearless and can seriously kick some ass when they need to. Don't be fooled. They can be some of the sweetest, calmest, creatures but once you get put on their shit list.... you better watch out.
Person: I can't exactly describe her.... she's just "Dakin".
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Usually a (gay)male that possesses a penis of 2 inches a shorter. The name is commonly used in the gay community.
Haha man! Yo names Dakin! Dat's a gay name boy!
by Akalakakumar August 19, 2013
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The Beast known as Dakin originates from the 15th circle of anguish, torment, and apparently the nasally voiced. He was birthed out of the unholy mating of awkward moments, WHAT THE!!, and neurotic tendencies. Brought forth to swing the balance of despair
Formspring: would you wax your entire body for $500?
Dakin: Unlikely, might do it if you put that to the 4th power.
Dakin's are unreasonably hairy as well in most cases
by Anonymous3.0 March 01, 2010
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