Hawaiian pidgin

Term used for anything and everything. Typically used in quick speech when one cannot immediately remember a word
Ey try go grab da kine an bring um ova heah. No not dat kine da udda kine.
by kanakaman January 17, 2004
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word originated in hawaii.
typically meaning anything that you are talking about at the moment
"go get the da kine over dere"
"aw howcome you so da kine today"
by damaged September 20, 2004
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Hawaiian Pidgin word for anything at anytime. It's generally used when you don't know the term of something or you're too lazy to say its name.

It's kind of like "whatchamacallit" or "thingy majigger".
Kawika: You got da kine? (Do you have the thing?)
Jerry: You mean da kine? (You mean that thing?)
Kawika: Yeah, da kine! (Yeah, that thing!)
Jerry: Oh, da kine! Yeah, I got da kine. (Oh, that thing. Yeah, I got the thing.)
by suzukihmj October 01, 2020
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Da Kine is the name of the business owned by "Dog: The bounty hunter"
If you are wanted, dont answer any calls on ya caller ID from 'Da Kine Bail Bonds'
by anrkey102 March 08, 2005
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Hawaiian-slang: also used in describing something as "the best" or "very fine quality" or "A1-prime-choice" etc.
You ever hear real Hawaiian music? It's da kine!
by DukeD February 17, 2005
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High quality marijuana. A secondary meaning of the term and one that is waning in popularity. Will probably soon be obsolete.
That weed Scott had was da kine. We were fucked up for the rest of the day on that shit.
by TroyF June 27, 2005
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