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Extremely annoying ring tone that chavs have. Also responsible for annoying an annyoing advert which is played every 5 minutes on all music channels.
Its the crazy frog advert, quick change the channel!
by Moxbrow January 11, 2005
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A ringtone created by satans very own spawn, Jamster. Not content with ripping off the sound from something called 'the insanity test', they created a hellish blue frog that for some mysterious reason had a tiny shrivelled blue wang, which becomes all the more confusing when you learn that frogs don't actually have wangs.

Do not underestimate just how irritating this er, 'phenomenon' is. If they played this, on loop, at 120 decibels, over the hills of afghanistaan, Bin Laden would come running out of hiding after just 5 minutes offering total surrender and some free dirt on Saddam to boot.
on chavs however, it has no effect.
i would like to feed the crazy frog microwave popcorn kernels, nuke it, and watch the fallout land smack bang on jamster headquarters! B-ding ding ding ding SPLAT
by me old fruity June 29, 2006
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Somebody asking to have their mobile wrenched from their grasp so it can be flung into a deep fat frier.
"I hear the world's most irritating ringtone, and must destroy something immediatly. Preferably the phone it's emanating from. Maybe the owner as well."
by OD Smith April 19, 2005
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The Crazy Frog is a fucking annoying ringtone that has somehow managed to be a fucking phenomenon, spawning the adverts that are on so much it's making people want to kill themselves and/or the TV, T-shirts, posters and not one but TWO remix singles! And the worst thing is, not only are these Jamster fucks getting more fucking rich than the police or fire department who actually risk their lives to help others, but people are actually BUYING INTO THIS SHIT! These fucking idiots are parting with their hard-earned cash to fuel this irritating idiotic pile of crap! Both Jamster and anyone who has spent money on anything Crazy Frog related have IQs of 7! Fuck you all for making the world a more annoying place!
"Hey, buddy, check what I got"
*brings out phone and plays Crazy Frog*

"You actually bought that?! WHY?!"

"I dunno... It's funny!"


*shoots retard then shits in corpse*
by Chris Thorburn June 26, 2005
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Extremely irritating animated frog used to advertise a mobile phone ringtone.

Crazy frog appears at least once within every commercial break on tv, wearing goggles and helmet and riding an imaginary motorcycle with his cock out.

The ringtone sounds like Joe Pasquale immitating an old moped and is extremely popular among chavs.

Unfortunately, this plague does not look like fading anytime soon, as the crazy frog now has a single (Axel F) in the UK charts and the advert has now invaded terrestrial channels. be de de....

Anyone in possession of the crazy frog should have to pick faeces from their mobile phone keypad, having just removed the device from their rectum, into which, no doubt, it was forceably inserted.
by Pie Eater May 16, 2005
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Annoying and not at all funny ringtone which is advertised on TV every ad break at least once. Only the working class idiots that don't have real jobs buy this ring tone. If you are actually stupid enough to give into this horse shit I pity you and laugh at you because it's just one big scam where Jamster text you everyday draining your phone credit. My cousin was dumb enough to actually pay money for this bullshit, much much more money then she though. Crazy Frog can be heard in council houses and high schools, where the more retarded of kids have been brainwashed.
Crazy Frog should be illegal.

This ringtone is highlighting the morons from society.
by Urban Dictionary August 12, 2005
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