A web acronym that stood for "Down To Fuck?" that carried itself into the real world vernacular.
boy: hey girl you DTF?
girl: damn right after that I want to toss your salad too.
by nobo April 27, 2008
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DTF is an abbreviation for "Down to Fuck" - meaning ready to fuck.
My roomie, Matt, is always DTF!
by eda-skip October 20, 2021
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Deep Throat Fisting. Name says it all, you shove your fist down someones throat.
"I DTF:ed that bitch so deep I think I was fingering her at the same time"
by ULD December 10, 2009
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Dominic Torretos Family
Man: Are you DTF?
Woman: Eww you disgusting.
Man: I meant are you related to Dom Torreto?
Woman: Yes he is my dad
Dom: Welcome to the Family!!! Have a Corona Beer!! Join me later, I am hosting a barbecue, make sure you say grace!!
by Koulas August 11, 2021
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It means Down to F***".
by Jennifer S February 27, 2008
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a shortened version of "down to fuck"
meaning down to party,or a cool dude.
"oh dude dont worry,she's DTF."
by LeBeatNick September 8, 2008
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