"Down To Fuck"

When refering to a girl, a code word between friends...
1. That girl's DTF!

by viperacr44 May 27, 2008
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It means Down to fight
Girl: you was talking mad shit you should be DTF
Other girl: yes bitxh I'm DTF so wassup
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DTF.RU - Russian Internet resource about computer games and movies. The name stands for "The Daily Telefrag". It refers to the famous newspaper "The Daily Telegraph" and the gaming term "Telefrag" - murder via teleport, used in action games.
by man.from.china October 9, 2019
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Down to frisbee.
Chad: Hey bro, it's hella nice outside today. You DTF.
Chaz: I'm down.
by Ihadleyknewher March 12, 2015
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it means down to fish, its a rip off version of DOWN TO F*CK.
people say it as a joke.
ben: jade are you DTF
jade: no i dont wanna fuck you
ben: i asked to go fishing, silly.
by surf69 May 11, 2011
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DTF: Down To Fiesta
Devin: yo Tat, you dtf?
Tat: hell yeah, I'm always down to fiesa
by Skidnich April 26, 2020
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