DTF can be used in Two common ways, being either, "down to fuck", or "down to freestyle".
"Hey, you ready to spit flow?" "yea man I'm totally DTF. Someone drop a beat"

Me: Hey, you goin to the party tonight?
Jake: Uh depends, is there going to be any girls?
Me: Yea man and yet are all going to be DTF..
by Nicksh December 5, 2010
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Down to frolick
Someone who, when you meet them, is ready and wants to frolick with you.
Man, this Chick i was with last night was so dtf!!
by Sexy Man ;) January 24, 2011
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An abbreviation for "darn tootin fun", use this around millennials to gain their trust and friendship.

"darn tootin fun" originates from an episode of the popular sitcom "Friends" which teens today love.
Son: Hey dad I'm kinda bored, you wanna do something?
Dad: I'm feeling DTF
Son: Alright let's go get in the hot tub!
Dad: Maybe I'll even let you taste my cum!
Son: Really? Coke and rum?
Dad: Yeah... sure
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An abbreviation used to say you are "down to freestyle"
Hey, nick, you ready to spit? Yea man I'm DTF..
by NiqqaH December 4, 2010
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-Down to Fortnite
*Friend comes online*
Me: My man are you DTF?
Friend: You already know
by Impjob March 25, 2018
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boy: damn girl you look DTF ;)
girl: Down To Fish? oh HELL yeah.
by alejazz95 December 1, 2011
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Immediate meaning of DTF is Down To Fuck however it has become a 'call to arms' for a night out.
Friday night: Jimmy - Lads who is DTF tonight.
Sean - Sorry guys I have sand in my vigina and can't come out (hence not DTF)
Everyone else - I am way DTF (displaying an extreme level of DTF, hence is willing to go out, drink alcohol and try to pick up birds)
by Jman Brisbane March 27, 2009
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