Hugh Mungus: So did you study for the biology test?
Scoobert Doobert: Nope. I'm currently DTF.
by gou-fi gouber December 13, 2016
It means Down to F***".
by Jennifer S February 27, 2008
Din Tai Fung: an award-winning restaurant specializing in xiaolongbao (soup dumplings). Originated in Taiwan with locations in Asia and US.
"DTF only means one thing to me... DIN TAI FUNG - still the best XLB (xiaolongbao) dumplings."
by dtflover November 13, 2010
Baby Baby, you dtf?
by -K December 17, 2008
Down To Friendship
Boy: Are you Dtf
Girl: Ewww no
Boy: Why won’t you be my friend
by Big man hajj October 17, 2018
2. Harry Styles is dedicated to fans...
1. That's great but when ever I see him, I'll be dtf.
by harrystylesfuckmenow September 14, 2012