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Dominic Torretos Family
Man: Are you DTF?
Woman: Eww you disgusting.
Man: I meant are you related to Dom Torreto?
Woman: Yes he is my dad
Dom: Welcome to the Family!!! Have a Corona Beer!! Join me later, I am hosting a barbecue, make sure you say grace!!
by Koulas August 11, 2021
You are born from greatness, the most electrifying man in the whole world. Even God cannot challenge him as he is unstoppable. Pebbles charisma, personality and strength come from the great one. As he is a MALE, his only difference from other males is that when he is hard his right eyebrow raises and he makes the most satisfying look in the world. Pebble adapts this great power from his father and cannot be stopped. His favourite pet is a Bull, and he might me referred to Bull Jr. When he becomes angry you better hide your asshole, because he will find something, turn it sideways and stick it straight up your candy ass.
Alexandra: Hey did you see the new kid that came to school, they call him Pebble?
Helen: Yeah, yesterday he saw me and i cummed in the class as he gave me a look no man gave me before.
Alexandra: I cant wait until he sees me
by Koulas November 22, 2021
An enchantment pill made by Dave Batista which increases your muscles in size. This method makes you instantly a Dave and no one in mankind can stop you
Bruce: Hey Dave is there any way i can increase my biceps size?
Dave: Let me show you the Batista pills i produced.
*Bruce eats pill*
*Bruce becomes Hulk*
by Koulas March 26, 2018
Taking a shit.

From the movie Spectre, Dave Bautista says 'Shit'
Luke: 'Mike, where are you?'
Mike:'I am taking a Dave'
Luke:'Sorry for disturbing this sacred ritual'
by Koulas September 19, 2020
The most satisfying thing, that can happen to a human being. It occurs, when you first wipe your ass after taking a Dave(Poop) and you find no poop on the toilet paper. As a result, you waste minimal time in the toilet.

Refer to Dave
Luke:'Yo bro what's up?'
Mike:'Just had a Dave Express'
Luke:'Damn bro, lucky, I just had a huge ass Dave'
by Koulas September 19, 2020